Monday, January 15

I need to speak to a manager

This past week, I was considering racing The Whole Enchilada on Saturday, a 35 or so mile race on all the trails at the US National Whitewater Center.  Just around $50 for the low hanging fruit of a challenging, nearby race.  Not that I would do terribly well, but I'm familiar with the trails, and I'd be home in the early afternoon.

Anyways, the excuses made themselves.

* Rain in the days leading up to Saturday made me believe (wrongly) that the trails would be a red clay mess.

* A desire to rake the leaves at the old rental in order to bring up the curb appeal so someone else will rent it so we don't have to pay for it anymore.

* $50 is still $50 (or three twelve packs).

So, I opted out.  Instead, I spent four hours raking and bagging at a hurried pace that I knew I'd pay for in terms of sore muscles that never get used for this (or any other) type of activity.  Seriously, I'm gonna need to do some squats before any leaves start falling next year.

When I got home, I suited up and rode over to the winter short track course.  I was convinced that the Backyard Trails in my neighborhood would be a muddy mess... but as I rode through a bit of them on the way over, they were not.

But a plan is a plan, even if it's stupid.

Get to the short track, run into Chris W. in the parking lot, head out for a couple laps "with" him.

with = he drops me, waits, drops me, waits... ad infinitum.

Anyways, they've added some new stuff to the course.  Most notably, a technical A-line climb out of the woods and an optional, more lengthy, gradual B-line.  It takes me a few runs to figure out how to make the A-line work on the single speed.  I start thinking...

"Mebbe I should race this year... "

It would give me a reason to put down that cookie.  Mebbe have one or two less beers.  Provide a distraction for a bit.

I consider how much easier it would be to make the climb if I got rid of the 3.0/2.35 tire combo.  A plan is made.

Wake up Sunday, grab the lighter 24 spoke Industry Nine/NOX wheels off the By:Stickel Meatplow V.6, mount the Rekon 2.6 up front.  Dig out a 2.1 Maxxis Pace that I won at PMBAR last year.  Put it in the rear.  I've always wondered if I'd ever use it.  What's a 2.1 good for except garvel and short track racing?  Swap from a 19 tooth cog to an 18.  Drop 1.65lbs of rotating weight off the Vertigo Meatplow V.7 in the process.

I go out the door to meet Jeff and Chase on their way to the course.  Get there and one lap later, I can tell this set up is way faster.  Also, I find out that the Pace may not be an all-conditions tire.

We only do a few laps before someone says "brewery," and then we're hanging out in the parking lot.  Discussions had about the actual racing that begins next week.  I'm talking to fellow single speeder Rich T. about the schedule, and he mentions something about the start time.



I don't know what I was looking at, but I thought the SS class went off at 11:00AM, which would allow for some quality racing AND some time to stand around in the woods drinking beer and yelling at people.  1:00PM means that the juniors are after us, and then the crowd thins down as the Super Sport and Expert Classes take to the course for the final race of the day.

Yeth, I've been spectating for years.  Yeth, I didn't really remember how this all works.


I could race an hour earlier in Sport Men 40+, but that sets me up for two pathetic scenarios:

I win and get called (somewhat rightly) a sandbagger.

Reality hits me in the face, and I get my doors blown the fuck off (somewhat likely).

Lose, lose scenario.

So now I have a bike totally set up for something I don't know if I have any interest in doing.

Someone remind me if I've already done this before.  Thank.

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