Thursday, February 22

Tidying up before messing up

Big busy weekend ahead... and I got stuff I need to be doing but it ain't getting done because other stuff needs more doner.

Saturday, I'll get a little shreddy time with Watts and Bill Nye before cleaning up and heading out for the 3rd (not so) annual Watts Fappening.

It's such a non-event that it's kinda strange that it's ever more than just the three of us riding from place to place seeking beer and good times.  There really is no reason to do this beyond that.   We're starting at Free Range Brewing at 2:00PM if you wanna join us (you shouldn't).  Here's a shitty map if you're trying to catch up later in the day (also shouldn't):

I need to keep things slightly on the rails (on a personal level) because I need to get up (sorta) early for some Tour duh Charlotte trail work.

I can't wait to sling a machete with a dull headache.

Speaking of the Tour duh Charlotte, if you're a male-type person, it's now too late to register.  We sold out last night.  There are still spots for women (we saved room for yinz to be fair), and we're already approaching a record number of female-type persons.

And in other news, the 2018 Faster Mustache kit order is up and running.

If you're ordering a jersey, they're a bit more Euro-cut than previous kits.  Sizing up is a bueno idea... that is unless you're getting the bestest kind of jerseys ever.

The sleeveless jersey is more of a club fit, so sizing down might not be a bad idea if you're the skinny type already.  I swam in my small last year, so I'm going extra small this year.

If you're in Charlotte, there are try on kits at Bike Source in the Park Road Shopping Center until the end of day Feb 25th.  Then the samples are headed to Loose Nuts in Atlanta from 2/28 – 3/7.  The order closes MARCH 7th... kits should be here early April (they ship direct to your address).

Anticipate blerhg fodder next week.

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