Monday, February 26

The Watts Scabbening '18

The Watts Fappening '18 fappened as planned, which is to say that it went slightly off the rails about midway through, and then somehow midway became a third of the way, and things went deeper and stranger than expected.

Me, my frands, and a hand ding dong.

Watts couldn't make it for the pre-fap shred session, which was probably okay.  It turned out to be a Faster Mustache assplore and impromptu trail work morning for the Tour duh Charlotte.

If anyone ever tells you that you can't build decent trail with nothing more than rocks, they're probably right.

Anyways, Watts and Dorothy got to my house a little too late to actually eat before fapping, but the extra time I was allotted gave me the opportunity to do some tire swapping so okay.  We met up with Bill Nye and Poohstain along the way and somehow rolled into our first brewery ten minutes early.

As has happened in the past, people just showed up and joined us for the ride.  Free Range to Birdsong to Catawba Brewing.... where there was a Baby and Me gathering... at a brewery?  From there, we chose a sorta dive bar next to the brewery we had planned on going to because it was loaded with the usual people you see at a brewery at 4:00PM on a Saturday in Charlotte... straight past the next intended spot for the same same.

To The Spoke Easy where at some point we realized it was only 6:30PM?

Hours to go?

Pizza randomly showed up courtesy of Kevin at Spoke and what was once falling apart found new life.  Some (many... few... most?) of us headed to the South End, and we ended up at Triple C (Tour duh Charlotte '18 HQ) and then a short walk over to Hyde Brewing.

I coerced Watts and Dorothy to head back towards my house and over to the bar that's just a short jaunt from there, Lucky Lou's.  Food, karaoke, a bucket of PBRs... and it's 1:30AM?

Where did those seven hours go?  In my own bed at 1:40AM, fully fapped.

Fortunately, the damage that was done was not enough to keep me from joining in on some Tour de Charlotte trail work at the very fap friendly time of 11:00AM.

I should mention that if you're doing the Tour de Charlotte 2018, when you see this section of trail coming, be prepared to turn hard left and duck.

I gotta say that I definitely woke up this morning in a fog and sore in so many places.

Did I mention that I ended Sunday by halping LeaF Lyfe build this tiny jump at the entrance to the trails near our respective houses to only eat shit on pavement trying it for the first time because I'm a moron.

Good. I don't really wanna admit that it happened.

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