Tuesday, February 27

Finding my compass...

I mean literally, finding my compass.

I'm still not fully settled in with my bike stuff, and I've had my fair share of difficulties along the way.  I've decided to not turn the screened-in porch into a bike room, so I at least have a vision of what I'm trying to do.

Oh yeah, the screened-in porch.  The Pie and I decided that we really kinda like it, and I've figured out how to Tetris a warehouse of shit into an outhouse.  Eventually, we'll be empty nesters, so this is a short'ish term solution.  Regardless, the decision required lots of staring at the walls and running around with a tape measure... and plenty of distractions.

The other night, The Pie went to bed early.  I decided to be super productive and stay up late.  I was sorting my shit to stick it up on the pegboard that I managed to wedge into the room behind the kitchen.  I realized that the tiny Cateye computer that I use pretty much solely as a time piece for PMBAR was missing.


I looked all over the place and eventually found an unpacked box hiding in the screened-in porch.  Success.  Computer hung where I could find it later, I started thinking about all my other PMBAR required gear that I used to keep all together in one spot just so I'm not running around looking for it every May.

I find the stuff.  Most of it.

I lost my compass.  Literally.

I know I just touched it the other day.  Now, it's just vanished.  It was a small compass on an elastic lanyard that looped in a tidy manner to my bars.  I'd had it since college.


So, I lost twenty minutes searching for it before I gave up.  I did find a whistle with a built in compass AND thermometer, but it was super bulky... and I have my lucky 1/2 whistle from my first ever PMBAR that has a great backstory.  I can't just replace it.  Just can't.

So, I went to town on the whistle/compass/thermometer combo.

 Ten minutes of careful whittling and a few small cuts to my fingers, and...

I have a compass again, but I lost over a half hour of quality room sorting time.

Pats self on back anyways, finished beer, goes to bed late.

2 steps forwards, 1.85 steps back.

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