Friday, March 2

Produce Department

On top of my thinking about what widget goes where in my tiny bike space when my mind wanders at work (and I'm so far away from the widgets and wheres at home), I'm consumed with this:

I am fortunate enough to get the scabbiest stage of the Tour duh Charlotte to organize.  A patchwork of old trails, access roads, deer trails, four wheeler ruts and elevated stunts left over from a time when that's what people built.

My hands hurt from lopping limbs and being old.  My left shoulder hurts from just being me.

Mebbe I'll get around to cutting through the woods and around the giant mud bog this weekend.  Or the next.  Or mebbe everyone rides through the giant mud bog.

Hoping to just be productive on a personal level this weekend, squeeze in a couple rides (hopefully one in a mountainous region), and practice some self-care (whatever that means).


Anonymous said...

Go get a rub down bro. Flip n' Sip!

dicky said...

I actually did and thank.