Monday, March 5

Shreddy Bits

Another weekend that went as (haphazardly) planned?

I got up pretty early and went to the local hardware store to pick up a couple things I needed to finish up all the tiny man spaces.  Somehow, I managed to install all the purchases made before noon... and without cracking a beer... and only drawing blood once.

Then it was out the door for a solo mission to try to find a way around this:

This giant mud hole (which 60% of is out of the frame to the right) stood between me and my hopes of increasing the distance of the swamp stage of the Tour duh Charlotte '18 by almost 25%.  I headed out there with loppers and a bow saw and mebbe succeeded?  Kinda hard to tell, because unless we get a weed wacker out there, it might be a bit vague.

Yeah, yeah... "use course tape," you say.

I'm already gonna need about a million feet of it, so it's coming down to time constraints before the race to get it all taped off before everyone gets there, but not doing it so early that the kids out there smoking weeds have a chance to mess with it.

When I got done, my hands, arms, and shoulder were quite toasted.  The Pie had offered me her evening massage appointment, and I took it.  Not sure how better I felt post-massage, but for an hour, I was buenos.

Up the next morning, and somehow out the door on time headed to Wilson Creek with Daily, Bill Nye and Wirun.

Conditions were, dare I say, "perfect?"

It was even pleasant enough that I didn't mind bare-footing the two mandatory creek crossings.

Also, I had time to do some gratuitous wheelie selfies at the top of the climb outta Greentown (at the meating log) for something I'm writing tomorrow.

I will say the ride was a bit of a slap in the face for most of us.  Fitness levels were pretty low all around.  Beware the ides of March and all that.

One month out from the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek.  Two months out from PMBAR.

I gotta get some legs under me here real soon.

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Glen Evans said...

ha! ha! pedal pedal pedal!