Thursday, April 5

Sitting on my non-ergonomic thumbs

This weekend is either the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek or it isn't.

"We hope to make the call about the timing of the race by Thursday. We may move to a later start time or possibly even postpone to Sunday. If the event is a total wash we'll have to reschedule to the Fall."

Here's what we're up against at the moment:

That's not very promising, but I don't know when they are going to make the call.  How will they decide?

"We have to discuss it with the Corps of Engineers. They're the land managers of Warrior Creek. Since we're the crew that maintains the trail and are therefore the ones who will have to do any repairs then we can probably have the event as long as it is safe for everyone involved. We're fairly confident we'll be able to have the event as planned but the final call will be made on Thursday. There may be a slight delay in the start."

I have to say, I'm on the edge of my saddle.  I signed up to do this again with Nick Barlow mostly because it's fun.  Also, we agreed that an early "season" kick in the ass would do well to serve as a gentle nudge into reality.  I know that if I'm left on my own this weekend, I won't put in three hard one hour efforts.

So, if they postpone to Sunday, I am confuse.  Barlow can't make it then, and I don't know if I wanna do six hours of punchy climbing by myself (I've been there enough times to recall that you gotta get up to enjoy the berms down).  I'm not sure that I can swap categories anyhoo.

Next week, either you'll be reading about our duo race, my solo race (doubtful), a last minute replacement, or how I spent the whole weekend trying to get my JaBronson in a cardboard box to ship it to Sedona.

Mancation '18: Part One is in two weeks.


It's on

"Weather is looking better. The event will happen on Saturday. We will have a delayed start though. We'll also have a hard stop at 6hrs. So make certain you can get that last lap in before the horn blows. We're out prepping the course and finalizing some other things now. Further details will be posted and emailed later today."

That means I'm doing three laps (because I agreed to start), Nick two... and that's that. I guess Sunday will be cleaning mud outta my ears and shoving a bike in a box.


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I kinda hope I read about the jabronson being stuffed into a box? I like you race reports, but sometimes your "working on bike" type posts are the most entertaining.

P.S. what is Mike Piazza and Ackbar into these days?

dicky said...

Mike Piazza still sits at my desk and Ackbar watches over me from the pegboard. I consider them to be conscientious objectors to the goings on in my day to day. Not impressed.

We'll see about the bike box shoving. These type of things seem to not be worthy of documentation until they do, at which point, I'm throwing things across the room and using my best four letter words.

Anonymous said...

Best option: Go to the race alone but stay in the duo class. And then just sit in a chair and stare blankly at nothing in between your own laps for a time roughly equivalent to how long you figure your partner would take to do a lap. Also, do this on the first lap because no one likes to do the first lap and you'll have all the votes to say he would have had to do it.