Tuesday, April 3

Unplanned Fappening

I planned a very casual Sunday.  Wake up whenever.  Be productive for a bit.  Ride the Backyard Trails in the afternoon sun.  Commence with the hammock time.

The first two items on the agenda occurred.  Knocked out all the things I'd been avoiding, and I was enjoying my post-noon self-congratulatory beer when I got a text from Watts.  He wanted to know if I was in town and what was I doing today.


Watts was on his way to Florida but stopping in Charlotte at the Whitewater Center to peep in their lost and found for a jersey and also to get in a ride.  I used my powers of persuasion to have him come towards me for a backyard adventure instead.


Hard to believe, but I haven't taken the time to ride the seventeen or so miles of trails nearby all at once since I moved here in November.  I had plenty of good excuses... I mean, reasons.

So, full pull tour with Watts.

 Staged image.  I barely even consider the pooh tracks once the poison ivy starts popping up.

Non-droopy Watts drooping in.

Afterwards, it didn't seem like he was in a super hurry to get out the door, so...

From there, brewery, Bill Nye, bar, bar food, etc.

Definitely the most riding I've done over a weekend in awhile, which is a good thing... but also bad.

I've got a lot of work to do before May 5th.

Shit.  PMBAR is on Cinco de Mayo again, and I lost my sombrero in a move years ago.  How am I supposed to culturally appropriate the holiday without my funny hat?


Ari said...

I misseth your hair! Please bring it back. Ari

Glen Evans said...

wow, i so want your weather! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Yeah bring back that Peter Frampton hippy mess

Anonymous said...

Go whole hog and get a matador costume. You'd look pretty fly in one.