Tuesday, May 15

Decisions, Derisions

I'm honestly busy being perplexed right now.  Pisgah 111k is this weekend, and I put myself on the PTO schedule a long time ago to get off early on Friday to drive out there...

but without full intentions of doing anything specific that weekend at all.

I do very much like the Pisgah 111k, and it hits at least five or six awesome (and most favorite) trails in the area...

Follow along as I bitch about something entirely stupid and smacking of gob stopper levels of privilege.

Things are super peachy right now.  I've got a great family, job, place to live, etc etc ad nauseam.  I'm living the good life, the one I guess I was supposed to strive towards at some point when I was younger.  I'm, dare I say, happy?

I don't do well with the state of being content.  Things can always be better.  Currently tho, I just don't have any vague long term goals.  Not that I've ever often had things that people would call "goals," but at least a general direction in which to direct my efforts.

A friend of mine recently shared with me that he's writing a novel.  I was amazed.  I can't imagine such a task.  Such a rabbit hole would see me sitting in a room full of stacks of written pages, covered in my own filth... mebbe surrounded in overflowing ashtrays.  I assume one needs to smoke to be a successful novelist.  I forgot to ask.

I know that doing something I've already done before just because I can is not enough to get me outta bed to "train" or to stay away from the kitchen late at night.  I might FOMO hard if I skip events that I've enjoyed in the past, but I know riding for eight plus hours wondering "What am I doing out here?" is hardly pleasant either. 

And one more thing.

I'm trying to make sure I reserve a certain level of bike stoke for the Giro d'Ville in a couple weeks.  It's basically like the Tour de Burg, except shorter (hooray) and there's no road bike stages (double hooray).  If I do the 111k and then less than a week later I'm beating my own dick off for four days in a row, I might find myself visiting Sad Town.  The last few times I did the 111k with less than a week to recover before starting the Trans-Sylvania Epic stage race, I was a super sad dad.  There was just no snap in my legs, and the fog in my brain was still as thick as pea soup.

No buenos.

Bill Nye has been trying to talk me into endurbling with him, Daily, and Kürdt on Saturday, but for a multitude of reasons, I can't wrap my head around it.  That and I will be doing the two day Pisgah Endurble in three weeks.  That's about as much endurble as I can stomach right now.

I've also considered driving up to Pisgah with a backpack load of beer on Friday, leaving the 111K start early, climbing Clawhammer to Buckhorn Gap, cheering on the riders at @ the 7-8 mile mark (just a guess), riding over to the Humvee section on Pilot to cheer (and beer) on the riders there, to head back to the finish to hang out and relax.  It's too soon to look at this weekend's weather, but I will say I won't be doing all that in the rain.  Just won't.  I can't be getting back on Sunday with a trashed bike and a bunch of wet shit to deal with when I really need to dial in my camping and riding gear for four days at il Giro... and also I need to enjoy the company of my family for a few days before leaving Thursday.

That said, a weekend of potential rain and closed trails in Charlotte sounds just as bad as sleeping in the back of the Fit of Rage in a thunderstorm.

This would be a great time to own a Magic Eight Ball.

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