Thursday, May 17

Baggies... Under His Eye

A short break for a commercial...

I mentioned already that I really like the GORE C5 All Mountain shorts that came my way a couple months ago.  I wore the crap out of them whilst on my Send-ona trip last month.

Literally ride, rinse, repeat for most of the trip.  I did wear one other pair of GORE shorts while I was out there.  A much more subdued looking pair of C5 Trail Light shorts.

Jiggling your memory a bit, the All Mountain shorts that GORE sent me were a size medium.  I was able to use the adjustable waistband to fit my slightly heavier than usual form, and the legs weren't too baggy, but there was mebbe a bit too much crotch room unless I pulled them up slightly higher than I wanted to.  Based on that fit, I asked for a pair of the Trail Light shorts in size small.

As much as I like the All Mountain shorts, I was looking for:

* Something not so blue for times I don't wanna look all endurbro.

* Fewer features and lighter weight.  I'm not planning on wearing pads or carrying more than one pocket load of stuff.

* Semi-form fitting... for a pair of baggies.  Something I hardly notice while wearing over my penile display case bib shorts.

These were exactly those.  They're even form-fitting enough that they don't look super stupid with a jersey (pockets not packs) either.

Apologies for the following images.  I was all like, "Hey, Pie.  Can you come here into this poorly lit part of the house and take an annoying amount of blurry pictures of my butt?"

And for comparison's sake, here's the All Mountain shorts:

Anyways, I really dig them.  If you're looking for baggies that basically cover your junk, don't snag on the saddle, don't bind at the waist, and are about as simple and breathable as possibru, these are them.

That wide elastic wasit band has rubber grippy things on the inside to keep the shorts where they belong.

The only downside (upside?) of getting these shorts is that they reaffirmed my belief that I needed a pair of the All Mountain shorts in size small, so I went ahead and bought a pair... and was super bummed that they weren't availabru in green.

Stoked that I have two options when I'm reaching for baggies.  Being that I'm making the gradual switch to "recreational pro" (I think someone made that up), I imagine I'll wear baggies more often than I have in the past.  Although the irony of my Enduro™ shorts may be lost on some (and they're not near as ironic as jorts), both shorts are pretty functional and fit the way I've wished baggies would have ever since I watched Kranked for the first time.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I missed it _ is there a chamois built in?

ShartNasty said...

Can they hold up to a Shart after a Burrito and 15 beers?

dicky said...

Nope, no chamois built in. I prefer it that way. I have plenty of bibs, and these dry fast (with not moisture holding chamois), so they're great for road trips. Also, I find the fit on one piece chamois/baggies to be a bit of a compromise.

dicky said...


Unfortunately, my only beer/burrito sharting incident in Sedona happened in my cut-off Dickies, so I have no beta on that topic.