Friday, May 18

Go you.

Rain.  Meh.

All the trails will be closed in Charlotte this weekend.  Most of my little friends are either racing the Pisgah 111K or Endurbling tomorrow, so even if I wanted to ride (in the rain) in Pisgah, we wouldn't.

The idea of tooling around in massive amounts of precipitation (or attempting to dodge storms) in the Queen City is paralyzing.  I just don't wanna do it.  So, I head to Pisgah alone, #1 Super Fan.

The car is packed.  One JaBronSSon, 18 pack PBR, two cans SpaghettiOs (one franks, one meatball... variety is the spice of life), one bag Peanut M&M's, one bag beef jerky, one box Pop Tarts, mucho re-hydration supplies, etc.

Lots of rain gear.  Mebbe a cowbell.

I figure it if isn't raining at 8:00AM, I'll ride up to Maxwell Cove early and yell at people until that gets boring.  Then hit a loop of Lower Black before getting loaded back up at the car.  Ride over to Pilot Rock and wait for the riders (walkers?) to come through until I get tired of looking at them.  Do the long solo slog back to the finish and hang out until that's no longer a thing to do.

No racing for me.  These kind of conditions will warrant a full go-over of a bike ASAP.  Bearings, brake pads, etc.  Especially since I'm headed to the Giro d'Ville on Thursday for four days/four nights of remote camping and riding.  Not gonna do that to muh behk.  Nor do I want to remember how poorly I recover in less than a week from eight or more hours in the saddle (or next to it, pushing muh behk).

So, I'm looking forward to whatever it is I'm doing.  Whatever.

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