Wednesday, October 3

Faster Mustache Retreat '18: Day 3

It was determined pretty early Sunday morning that we'd have another day of varying agendas.   Some had to get home earlier than others.  The injured reserve list was still on a roadie/hikie plan.  Others were just out of any plans.

A 10:00 ride became a 10:30 ride with plans to get Trimble and Hankey Mountain/Lookout under our belts before heading home.  Colin, BC, Nik, Jess, Lee, Courtney and I rolled out of the Stokesville Lodge seeking small adventure.

I always forget the paved climb and the following elevation-robbing descent between here and there.

I explained Trimble as a two mile up, two mile down ride... those numbers that I now know to be skewed in the painful direction.

Courtney took a tumble on the way up and turned back.  At the bottom, another tumbler had emerged.

Cut and slightly damaged, Jess went back to the lodge with Nik to clean out her wound.  The rest of us... thinking about what to do next.

We were behind on time, so the second part of our ride got nixed.  We called an audible to head up Skidmore (yuck) and ride down Grindstone.

BC enjoying his ground score beverage at the "top" of Grindstone.

We started down (which is down a little and up a lot more) and soon enough, we rolled into two sheriffs.  Earlier, we'd noticed a bunch of EMT folks down in the parking lot at the bottom of Grindstone, and these guys were part of a search party that was no longer looking for the initial lost people but was now looking for these two guys.  I pulled up Trailforks, got them orientated, and they were gonna go down Skidmore and wait at the road.

"Oh, there are a bunch of creek crossings."

"Ummm... can we get around them or cross where it's narrow?"

"Nope.  They're car lengths wide and knee deep.  I guess one of you could ride piggyback and keep your shoes dry tho."

*non-amusement ensues*

We shred the rest of Grindstone, pop out at the bottom, tell the EMTs that are in the parking lot where to find their men, head back to the lodge.

Every single one of us had a blast, and we were all pretty much 10/10 wanting to do this again at some point.  Like I said before, this was my first time staying at the Stokesville Lodge (officially).  I can't believe it took this long to finally do it.  The lodge itself will have you wanting for nothing... well, some said it could use a hot tub and mebbe some horses to stare at in the fields.  I'd settle for a couple goats and a porch swing.

I can't think of too many places that you should put higher on your bucket list.  Get some friends together, plunk down some coin, and start planning some big rides.  You will not be disappoint.

Most of the photo cred to Nik, some to Gwen... one to me.