Monday, October 8

Word Puke

I had a four day (five day?) La Vida Bachelor burst of time.  A certain amount of responsibility loomed over my head, the front end result of leaving for SSWC '18 Bend in just over a week.
Stick a bike in a box.  Domestic maintenance related doodies.  You know.

Mebbe I squoze in an after work ride on Thursday.  Followed by a "meeting" I think I was suckered into attending.  Also mebbe.

Halped Bill Nye with "van life" Friday night.  In bed kinda late for an early morning wake up to meet up with Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever to ride... something?

Colin and I headed west with open minds and blurry vision.

Arrive at the bottom of Fishermen'sTrail somehow on time, Eric somehow also same same.  Now what?

Up this, down that, up... ?

Then Eric has a stroke of genius and we jump in his Sprinter and drive the entire way up Wash Creek Rd to the Parkway, the Fit of Rage left hundreds(?) of feet lower, thus guarantying more down than up.  Buenos.

BTW: As we drove up, I mentioned an article I read on written by Dave Tolnai  after he came back from riding e-bikes in Croatia.  He talked about riding lifts, doing shuttles runs, straddling the devil (e-bikes)...

"It's interesting the things that we have decided are acceptable, and the things that are not."

Anyhoo, outta the van and end up in a place I've never been before and Eric gives me a Pisgah history lesson.

Down, up, down Spencer, over to Big Creek...

photo cred: Eric
Eric had some big plans but it's becoming semi-apparent that we're never gonna make it all the way back up to the Parkway.  Audible called, we head up elsewhere.

Gowannan take a guess where that hike-a-bike was.

Down something and another plan diverges with reality, and we end up back at the Fit of Rage a little more spent than >3,000ft of climbing in 20 miles should have made us, but some people don't think the universe be like it is but it do.

And then we run into these guys down where we parked that morning:

I would say this represents about 65% of Small Brown Dog, a riding community that I spent a lot of time riding with... way more than a decade ago.  All over Pisgah, locally in Charlotte, Mr Murray's Freeride Playground...  Also Jeremy, who I haven't seen since the Canadian Invasion of UT/CO that I got to join in on so many years ago on my single speed Santa Cruz Tallboy.

Anyways, if you got this far into the story, you shall read the good part now.  Eric bummed a cold coffee drink from Jeremy to boost his energy levels.  We hopped in my car to head up and retrieve his Sprinter, Eric in the backseat.  What he was adding to the conversation was sometimes missed by me on account of my deaf right ear, but at one point I look back in the mirror, and I hear him distinctly say, "Pull over right now.  I need to throw up."

I guess he'd been asking for the opportunity to hurl for an amount of time that produced some emergent results.

It was the best puke I've heard in some time.

The end.

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