Tuesday, October 9

New Addition

It's kind of a big deal, so...

This guy:

The Pie and I haven't had a "young dog" to call our own in a very long time.  The last two dogs we had that were not "hospice" or "quality of life" candidates were Chloe and Maggie.   The former being a Sheltie that The Boy found wandering around in a snow storm...

and the latter being a puppy that I found at work one day (like a million years ago) crossing the street in the center of Uptown Charlotte right along with all the people heading to work.

So, almost a month ago, The Pie got a call that the shelter had a momma dog with seven puppies that needed placement that day or else they were all going to be put to sleep.

So guess which family got to "enjoy" the company of a large litter of puppies and a milk-laden mom for almost three weeks?

This little man was the runt:

Too weak to do much, having a hard time getting his turn to nurse, and as we found out soon enough, he was full of worms.  He would pretty much just lie there and do nothing.  We spent a fair amount of time hand feeding him with high calorie "toothpaste" and baby food on the couch... and holding him.  His brothers and sister were more than twice his size, but he got more than his share of personal attention.

And so it came to be that I proposed we keep him.  My thinking being that as I approach my fiftieth birthday, the time for me to start all anew with a puppy is growing short.  I want to have a young dog that can play and run... and see things.  An animal that I won't feel my time going forward is very limited with (although Pester, the blind diabetic dog, has already become our longest "quality of life" foster by breaking the three year mark).

It's my fault, but we named him Boppit.

His head kinda reminded me of the round Bop It button in the center of the game, and sometimes while holding him on the couch, I would bop it.  We will see if he lives up to the Extreme surname.

There you have that.

By the way, this is what is known in the "business" as a "failed foster."



Anonymous said...

That's really cool and keep up the great work! The world is better because of individuals like you and others that take it upon themselves to make a difference! Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Dwayne said...

Best post ever!

Adam Blumenthal said...

Congrats all the way around. Bopit is one cute little duder! I am looking forward to following his adventures.

S Sprague said...

Awesome post! You and The Pie do some great work with the furry ones! Looking forward to some riding pic's with him in the future.

Skidmark said...

Same eyes, chin, and nose. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey is my new puppy.

Nice shirt.

bloodpuddle said...

You have a kind heart, Dicky. Well played sir.