Monday, November 19

Well... ummm...

The trip to Greensboro did not go as planned, but it went just about as expected.

Nick, Bill Nye and I meet up at The Spoke Easy after work Friday to come up with an itinerary for the weekend.  I drive the Honda Fit of Rage, scoop Bill Nye, then Nick at 7:30AM, head to Uwharrie, ride behks, up to Greensboro, hang out at Revolution Cycles with Watts...

Not much of a plan, but that's that.

Nick leaves to go to a show.  Bill Nye and I assume that Nick will stay out super late, so we sorta decide to do the same.

I end up over-sleeping in a chair at Bill Nye's house and the pre-Wattsing fun ride is canceled.  Get up after 9:00AM, go home, shower... find out that my neighbor backed into my car last night... meh.

Leave, scoop my little friends, get to Greensboro, eat Thai food... hang out at the shop until we cross the 3:00PM threshold to have our first beers.

Watts has a free bin at the shop.  Apparently, some things are not even worth $0.

Stay at the shop until closing and then a whole lot longer.  Watts's Insta-story kinda puts the rest of the evening in some sorta perspective.

Most of that is true (I do own one pair of pants).  It was a very long night, and mebbe we didn't get to bed until 3:30AM, and also the whole thing is a better campfire story.

I'm glad we only do this kinda thing once a year or so. 

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