Friday, November 16

Still like behks, yeth.

I don't want anyone thinking that my lack of interest re:adding content to the internet here is in any way a reflection of my lack of interest in cycle bikes or life in general.  I still ride bikes.  I like bikes.  My friends like bikes.

I talked Nick "Dip 'n Spray" into a Pisgah day this past weekend.  I was not aware of the sorta crazy wind chill warnings the weather people were anticipating.  Neither was he.  After some sorting out in the parking lot and some redistribution of GORE related items from my hastily packed that morning bag, we were off and riding up Wash Creek Road... and both freezing. 

In the end, no one died, but Nick did have a moment where he thought he was gonna suggest we turn back. 

But he didn't.

In the Pisgah way, I ended up running into my old boss from my almost fifteen years with Mercury Messengers.  That's just how the universe works.  Had we not stopped at Ingles on the way in, we would have never seen him.  Anyhoo... quick catch up and we continued our ride that ended up having N - 1 more creek crossings than I thought it would (sorry), and a happy day in the woods was followed up by some beer time at Spoke Easy once we got back to Charlotte.

Sunday, I managed to squeeze in an hour or so on the local trails after completing many domestic duties.  It's a glamorous life.

And this weekend?

Taking the shit show on the road. 

I have a La Vida Bachelor weekend in store and Bill Nye is bored and so is Nick... so let's go see Watts and end it all (the boredom, that is)!!

Heading out to ride Uwharrie and then to Revolution Cycles for the Cranksgiving event.

Fun to ensue.

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