Monday, December 3

Growed Up

My propensity to make decisions that are not in my best interest has gone down, even if just slightly.  Towards the end of last week, I was planning on heading to the mountains on Sunday to take advantage of the warm (for December) temperatures.  That was all before I got sick tho...

The Pie was up in Ohio visiting the grand baby person a couple weeks ago.   Grand  baby person happened to be sick.  The Pie, also being The Pie RN, she took right to that baby's needs and got all up in that sick.

And then brought it home.

I thought I was in the clear for awhile, but it snuck up on me like the due date on a library book I'm almost done with but can't quite find the time to read.  It was pretty mild at first, enough so that I went ahead and left work early on Friday to sneak in a little solo/so-slow ride before joining in on an organized group night ride.

Follow that experience up with one of those nights of sleep where I'm waking up way too often with a small tear running down my cheek, looking at the clock to see how much time has passed since I did this already over and over...

"Wow, fifteen minutes."

I figured I'd make a decision on my mountain plans Saturday afternoon.  I woke up feeling rough, but within an hour or so, I was out raking leaves, fetching groceries, organizing cupboards...

I don't do very well at sitting still.

I figured I could go for that Sunday ride, but...

The Pie went ahead and kept up her running early on in her illness, and she's got it pretty deep in her lungs right now (and an ear infection, woot).  One could assume that me doing the same will bring about the same.

I decided to not ride in the mountains on Sunday.

A way younger and less wiser version of me once went ahead with a weekend of camping and mountain biking in Pisgah while slightly ill many years ago.  It ended with a night of sleeping in the dirt next to the campfire hacking up a lung followed by weeks of sleeping on the couch waking up coughing and in tears.

So mebbe I'm getting smarter?

The side benefit of all this unexpected free time being that I had mounted a new TV to the living room wall that necessitated moving some pictures that were hung on said wall so I was down under the house in my crawl space/murder room looking for paint and Spackle and found a coax connector that allowed me to add another length of coax to the antenna up in my attic and I had found a drip pan in the back of a cupboard whilst organizing said cupboard that had been shoved way in the back since we moved in a year ago and I was able to do this which makes all TV stations (wanted and also unwanted... 12 shopping channels, I'm looking at you) come in crystal clear.

I realize that often times, I could just go out and purchase things to fix my household problems.  That said, it's much more excite to pretend I'm on an old sailing packet ship crossing the Atlantic ocean, and the only things I can use to fix my vessel must come from the vessel itself.  It adds to the adventure.

Yeth, I know.  Sweet bike blerhg.

I swear I thought I'd be able to get back into the bike related topics, especially after being able to finally put my casual shoe issue behind me.

I'd apologize, but you're getting 100% of the content you paid for.


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Shit Dicky Please!

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I like it.

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I'm going to cancel my subscription if you don't start putting out more!