Wednesday, December 5

Heady Topic

So, when Cane Creek announced that they'd be doing a limited edition pink run of the 110 headset (and Slamset), I didn't feel like I had much choice.

I've never wanted too much matchy-matchy on my behk, but when they throw that "limited edish" thing in, I know that means "do it now or never," so I do now.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got it.  I noticed the bearing seals were red, which means they're the new Hellbender bearings.  I wasn't expecting that.

Don't know what the hell Hellbender is?

From Pink Bike:

"The Hellbender bearing is a completely stainless-steel ball bearing. Instead of having the casing, or the webbing, for the balls to sit inside, it's completely contacting all the way around. There's an extra six ball bearings tucked up in there (over what you'd find in Cane Creek's typical 41-millimeter cartridge)."

Stoke was high enough when I got it that I braved the cold and headed out to the work stand I stupidly mounted out on the side porch to install it.

Have press, will travel (no more than fifty feet tho).

Headsets and bottom brackets.  So important yet so utilitarian in purpose that they kinda just blend into the background... usually.

Pink parts and titanium look so perfect together.  Prove me that I'm wrong.

That said, I couldn't part with my Pisgah Monster Cross stem cap for the stock pink one.

That was the last "hard thing" I did in 2018.  Not hundie hard, but definitely a stretch considering the state I allowed my fitness to linger in for most of last year.  Also... garvel.  Not my forte, but still something to do until there's something else better to do.

I decided that I'm gonna try to sit down with a scratch pad and a calendar over the Christmas holiday and figure out a loose idea regarding what to do next year.  As opposed to this year, where I did whatever whenever, I have lots that I want to do, but only X amount of days off work to do them.  I'll need to think ahead... I guess.

And mebbe start actually getting ready to do it all as well.


Glen Evans said...

looks nice...

Anonymous said...

It's all ball bearings...these days!

Rob Kristoff said...

I have pink spacers and a Cane Creek hs. What you doing with that fine stem cap?

dRjON said...

you need one of these

let me know if you want me to send one... ;-)~

dicky said...


I put it on this weekend and I'm staring at it to see if I can go full pink.


I don't see pink tho?