Friday, June 7

Bring a fork or a spoon.

Firstly, a small reminder.  The Dicky 'bout Fiddy Party (deets at bottom of this post) is next (not this) Saturday.

Unless it isn't.  Don't forget that the last rule of Party Club is...

"If it rains or the trails are closed or my backyard is a mess or I decide parties are stupid, I'll update this page and end up at The Spoke Easy drinking Miller High Life and staring at Greg Martinez. Srsly."

That is very much real, and I should update the blerhg and the FaceBook page to relate the status of said party next Friday.  I mean, I was talking to The Pie (who is taking the kid and dogs with her and evacuating the premises) the other night, and was thinking, "What if it's a spectacular weather day?  Wouldn't I rather go to the mountains instead of waiting all day in an empty house to ride the Backyard Trails at 6:00 and then enjoy beverages at 8:00?  It is my (almost) birthday after all."

And there still is a chance that my back yard will be the consistency of Dinty Moore Beef Stew with the coming precipitation.

And if you've never had Dinty Moore, well la tee da.  I guess your parents' country club didn't serve a full menu.

Also, just about every hour or so, I think about how stupid birthday parties are and my desire to be at the Cane Creek Cycling Tour at Allison Farm Flow Trail Opening Day on Sunday instead of cleaning up empty beer cans outta my lawn.  Then add the PITA of getting a bunch of ice and cleaning out the kiddie pool and the disappoint of only three close friends showing up...

or the total ass opposite.

Because I did go to college for five years, and I've seen it unexpectedly go both ways.

So, party mebbe but still just.

This past Saturday at around 11:20 PM, I signed up for the Greenway Classic 50 miler with about a half hour to spare before the price jumped another $30 (ask me how I feel about those price jumps when you see me).


"Due to the 3+ inches of rain and thunderstorms expected over the course of the weekend we are unfortunately going to have to reschedule the Greenway Classic.

We try never to do this as we know you all have spent time training and prepping for the race. That said, we want to be sure that conditions are safe (and fun!) for competitors, and it looks like this weekend’s weather is not going to cooperate with us.

We will send out a reschedule date in the next week. We will automatically transfer all registrations to that date. If, once you hear the date, you cannot make it you are welcome to transfer your registration to a friend.

Thank you all for your understanding and we hope to see you all out at the rescheduled date!"

So, there's that.  I'm saddened because I wanted to use my post-stage race fitness towards something, but stoked that the no refund policy meant rescheduling VS keeping our money and shrugging their shoulders.  Also, being that the majority of the course is on normally closed-to-bikes horse trails, I'll be drinking 100% less horse poop tomorrow.

Mang, I didn't drink one beer Sunday through Thursday night.

Now, what to do with myself?

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