Monday, June 10

Sporks don't come with manuals.

This post is terribly timed, but it is what it is.  Longest day of the year right around the corner, and I'm gonna talk about bike lights.

All these tiny boxes showed up from Topeak a couple days before I left for the Trans-Sylvania Epic.  A bunch of "things" from the CubiCubi modular light systems line.  Honestly, I looked at all the boxes, tried to figure out what's what, and then left them on the bench to figure out when I got back into town.

I eventually opened all the boxes and started sorting things out.  What's what?

There's a certain amount of pieces, parts, and options.  The one configuration I'll probably use the most?

Beer bike, grocery fetcher, greenway destroyer and all about towner.  This bike usually has the kinda light that helps others see me, but isn't quite as useful for seeing objects in my path at speed.  1,200 lumens with a 6000mAh battery sure packs a punch.  Above the light and on top of the arm, you can even mount a Garmin (which is ironic for reasons that I'll blerhg about Wednesday).

What's left from all those other boxes?

Batteries, more mounts, cords, tiny screwdrivers, a million allen wrenches... and more.

You see, the modular system means you can mix and match things to suit your needs.

The lamp head can snap on to three different sized batteries for different run times and maximum light output.

You can take the smallest battery and the helmet mount kit...

And end up with a feather weight helmet light that allows you to distribute weight evenly front to back on your helmet... or plug the tiny battery directly to the light to simplify things... or plug in the big battery and have 1200 lumens mounted to your melon... or whatever else you can imagine doing.

Speaking of imagination...

They've got side by side and over under configurations so you can run two lights, a GoPro Session, piggy back a secondary battery for ultra long run times... oh and mount your Garmin (dammit) or use a battery as a power bank that charges some but not all things, or who knows how much you can do with all the options?

I certainly don't.

Honestly, since I was super busy when I got back from TSE,  I only got to fiddle with the options a little here and there.  There was little sense of urgency, being that the sun is out most of my waking day right now.  I'd just walk over to the work bench while cooking dinner or messing about (tiny home benefits) and touch and fondle and scratch my head.  The selection of items I received confounded me oh so slightly.  I've got two bar mount brackets, two big 6000mAh batteries, one 1260 mAh battery, an extra box (housing?), one helmet mount... but only one lamp bit.  So, lots of options, but I can only really use one at a time.

I'd say I can't wait to put this stuff into service, but do I really have a choice?  It really is the most versatile/adaptable light system I've ever seen, and if you're one of those high tech commuters or roadies wanting to run a light for safety, a camera (also for safety), and a Garmin, this has to be the cleanest setup out there.  This entire pile of electronics and plastic and aluminum and screws and straps is 1,000% more capable than I ever will be, which is usually how anything more advanced than a spork is gonna be.

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