Wednesday, July 3

Holding Pattern

Just a quick update before things go dark here for a short bit.

Family things came up in Ohio, so The Pie is headed that way and not southwards to Florida. The daughter and the dogs will be staying home in Charlotte, so I now have responsibilities.  There will be no driving up to that race we can't talk about to lend a halping hand.  There will also be no spur of the moment trip to Galax, VA with Bill Nye to ride the New River Rail Trail and convalesce. 

The Fredding potential was high.

For me, it's probably best that I stay close to home anyways.  I'm still rolling outta bed in a very awkward manner.  My side feels better after I've been up for awhile, and at certain points during the day, I forget that I'm even injured.

Until I do something stupid...

Like trying to lift my beer fetcher up and put it up on its wall mount in the back of the kitchen.

Oh, hello. 

And to think that there were moments yesterday where I thought mebbe I'd be up for a little mountain biking on Sunday.

Perhaps this forced recovery will be a good thing?  I expect much local greenway crushing, dog walking, and as much staying inside and enjoying the air conditioning as possible.  Much excite about all the potential blerhg content.

My new focus is going to be getting better in time for the Dirt Rag Dirt Fest WV.

Two weeks out, three weeks out from the injury*.  Not sure if it will happen or not, but the need to focus on something positive right now is good for my brain part.

* LATE EDIT: I don't calendar very well.  Dirt Fest is next week, two weeks exactly from the day of my injury.

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