Monday, July 8

Man (not) in a Box

How was your long weekend?


Wow.  Sounds great.


Racing the storm to Birdsong Brewing with Bill Nye.

I rode as much greenway, bike path, bike lane, sidewalk, neighborhood road, parking lot cut-through, city park, and shit roads as tolerable.  In the miserable heat.  On a stupid single speed mountain bike.

Because I could.  No other reason... aside from having nothing else to do and not much else I'd be capable of doing.  Forty five miles, forty miles, and forty seven miles.  With Bill Nye, then without, then with.  With late ride beers, with no beers, and then again with beers.  I have to say, having digitally displayed numbers out in front of me did a great job in shaming me into more mileage than I'd have done without such information being readily available.

I did wonder if I mebbe had a coach, would that person say I was on the right track?  A proper set of things to do whilst waiting for an injury to heal?  Higher cadence, low speed, decent amount of saddle time, average heart rate in the 120-130 range with occasional bursts because hills and single speeds and gotta get there somehow...

Mentally, it was much better than nothing.  Jeebus it was hot tho.  Direct sun and average speeds hovering around twelve miles an hour... just sucked the life outta me.

 Old man stop at QT for ibuprofen.  Your guess as to which old man needed to relieve some pain.

As "interesting" as it all was, I'm really hoping to be back on trails this coming weekend.  That might not be realistic, but I've already had five sneezes without eye watering pain in the last two days, so I feel optimistic... as I very well should.  Riding with someone who's had months off the bike post-surgery (and facing a few more) made it difficult to feel sorry for myself and not just enjoy getting outta my domesticated living box.

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glen said...

way cool! it is awesome you seem so positive despite the setback. pedal,pedal,pedal it will set you free.