Monday, January 6

Mud in the Forecast

Keeping the wheels moving forward...

No avoiding the fact that 2020 is indeed happening.  I tend to not put too much thought into "next year" until I'm in it.

But, here we are.

Lost in the future.

I woulda said that I'd put my illness far behind me, had I not enjoyed a frequently interrupted by coughing sleep last night.  What in the actual fuck?

I'd been eyeballing The Whole Enchilada race this Saturday to be my first thing to do in 2020.


What in the also actual fuck?

Warm and rainy might sound like a dream for the Pisgah 111k (as opposed to cold and rainy), but The Whole Enchilada is 45-50 miles... in Charlotte.  Our local trails are primarily red clay.  If you've never had the pleasure of riding in wet clay, you're truly blessed.

Daily sending Dicky's Drop at Steve's yesterday, named thusly because it was my idea, and it almost pushed me to the point of passing out from fatigue trying to finish building it after a long day of moving dirt and rocks.

Anyways, four to five hours of moving my bike cycle around in NC clay sounds like a great way to end up working on my bike for a few hours the next day getting clay outta all the nooks, crannies, and moving parts.

Also exhausting and borderline not fun.

The current weather policy is...

"event will proceed rain or shine unless conditions are deemed unsafe by the Race Director"

Which is always such a point of contention here in Charlotte.  People will bitch that the USNWC allows events to happen on the trails when they're not in any condition to be raced on, yet they remain closed when they're wet any other time of the year... as if anyone should ever wanna ride around in wet red clay voluntarily.

I'd obviously rather head to the mountains or just hit the greenway than ride on some wet slop Charlotte trail... which is why we're blessed to have Steve's... I mean Rocky River Trail to the east and Poston Park to the West.  Both slightly out of town, both with decent terrain and features, and both just a bit further than I wanna drive to ride local.

But when they're the only options AND I'm super tired of grinding greenways?

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

I don't invest too much of my happiness into a five day forecast, but I have to admit that don't look too good.  Add on the fact that I'm living La Vida Bachelor all weekend and would love to have something bike-related (and definitely not home improvement) to fill my days?

Could be an adventure?


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HandyMan said...

Note: Due to current trail system conditions and the forecasted precipitation prior to the race, The Whole Enchilada MTB Race has been rescheduled to March 21, 2020.