Wednesday, January 8

Mebbe I title this later?

Of course, I post up Monday morning about my concerns regarding this weekend's Whole Enchilada race and the predicted turdball weather only to be informed that afternoon that I actually had nothing to worry about.

The race has been postponed.  Till March.  I'll admit, some of the wind came outta the sails with that news.

I'd been telling myself I'd at least be willing to Half Enchilada in the rain and mud, and now I'm back to having a very open (and very wet) La Vida Bachelor weekend.

Lumpy segue...

I recall thinking that I was going to sell my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt after the 2019 "season" came to a conclusion.

Then I rethought my thoughts.

I'm keeping it.  For when I "need" it.

Also, I started doing this:

All those end of year STRAVA posts on social media worked.  I've been guilt-shamed into joining the club... at least sorta.  My rides are still private.

I'd always been curious about how many hours I put in over the course of a week or a month or a whatever.  I could make rough guesstimates, but those would soon be forgotten, as I never recorded them anywhere... because what's the point of keeping track of shitty data?

January 1st through January 7th of 2020.  One week.  Ten hours and forty seven minutes in the saddle.

I covered 126.7 miles.  Pretty sure that number means nothing.  I don't know if I can even call it an "average week."  On New Years Day, I had time to grind some greenway (when I probably shoulda rode my mountain bike), so that bumped up the (junk) mileage.  Also, I rode to the Apple Store and over to Bike Source on Saturday, which isn't something I'd normally do either.  Then, there was no weekend trip to the mountains, so a 20-30 mile mountain ride was swapped for less than 14 local miles.  Tuesday's work day miles got that 9 mile bump from going to trivia night.

And... woah.  Winter Short Track "season" starts next week, so fewer mountain trips in the future and more commutes over to the venue and then forty something minutes of bleeding outta my eyeballs every Sunday for five weeks straight.

There is no real "normal" in the immediate future.

Compare all that to the numbers Matt put up the other day...

Not only is his data way more detailed, it seems like he's got more flexibility for structure.  On top of that, he's embraced his inner PTSS (Part Time Single Speeder) status, allowing him to have more (or less) logical... "workouts?"  Is that what they're called?  It doesn't help that I don't know if 4,600 miles is a lot or a little because I just don't know... yet.

Anyhoo, I've vowed to keep my computer on all day during the week as well as any bullshit riding I might do on the weekends... like this weekend when I'll probably be tearing up greenways in the rain and riding over to Spoke Easy to watch a Filipino Elvis impersonator.

So, prepare to be as bored with numbers in the future as I certainly will be.  I plan on sharing with the class from time to time.

Assuming... assuming so much.

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