Wednesday, February 26

Can I or May I?

May is a conundrum.

That's a shitty snapshot of a calendar that will make sense if you click on it.

PMBAR.  Always a given.

Watts and I will show up again to make different mistakes than before and receive yet another beat down from whomever is giving them out.  Wouldn't miss it for the world.  My heart goes pitter patter for PMBAR.

The Pisgah 111/55.5K.

The 55.5K was the only race I entered and won last year.  It suits me well... lots of walking up mountains next to my bike and then holding on for dear life.  Either distance will always put me in a hole tho, a hole I don't wanna crawl outta (again) if I'm doing the...

Trans-Sylvania Epic.

I've never missed it. This is the tenth year that it's happening. Seems like a strange year to skip it for sure, being a fan of numbers that seem important. Always a good time, but I really liked doing the...

Giro d'Ville a couple years ago.

No link because you're not gonna find one.  It's more underground than Humpty Hump.  When TSE took a break in 2018, I finally had a chance to do it.  Such a good time and very low key. Sooooo hard but so worthwhile.

Both/either of those events would have me coming in way too hot (crushed) if I wanted to do the...

Grand Junction Off Road.

Life does need to be about new experiences.  The course sounds like a hoot, I've never been there before, the newlyweds'ish Scott and Jess are out there now (giving up their yinzer status for the mountains), and Colorado calls my name.  Problem being, I don't think I should (logically) do either stage race that leads into this the week before, as I'd only have a couple days (when I'd also be working) to turn around a pile of stage race gear and pack for a cross country flight for a one day race and as much riding as I can pack in around it.

Then get home on Monday, down gear, work four days, and leave Friday for the...

Pisgah Enduro™?

Obviously, enduro™ racing is not exactly in my wheelhouse. Despite that fact, I love heading to Camp Grier and hanging out with some folks that I would never meet doing nothing but endurance races all the time. Lollygag on the climbs and then hang it out on the descents with a shit-eating grin (and puckered butthole).  Nothing to not like about that.

This month is a real bird in the hand, two FOMO birds in the bush kinda dilemma.  I'd been waiting until The Pie and I had our 25th anniversary trip all planned out before I started prioritizing the "season," but that's behind me (the planning, not the trip), so now is the time to start putting my money where my legs need to be.

One for sure and a whole lotta mebbes and the clock is tick, tick, ticking.

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