Tuesday, March 3

Chance of snow worries

I probably needed a weekend on the easy side. Following up five weekends of shart tarck (and various shenanigans) with a longer than normal ride in the mountains and then riding local the next day... mebbe dumb.

It wasn't supposed to be an easy ride. We were gonna do some big climbing and a whole lotta descending.

Bill Nye feeling number one at breakfast.

Dr Mike told us it had snowed in the mountains.  I did not believe him.  Neither did Bill Nye.

That did not stop reality from happening.  The closer we got to the mountains, the more white stuff we saw on the ground.  Meh.

Not only did our route change, we also decide on North Mills vs South Mills.  Less elevation.  Less big time happy fun.

Bill Nye managed to make this look dangerous.

Continuing the theme of Bundled Saturdays followed by Sleeveless Sundays.

Not Ohio.

The Wheelie Tunnel at the top of Spencer.

There was also this tho:

Strangely enough, this is the same day.  Dry trails and perfect conditions.  Still cold.  Pisgah, you so funny.

We were back at the car in a short amount of time.  The opportunity was there for another seven miles, but each of us had at least one gripe against forward movement.  Mine being my toes... and yeth, I do own a perfectly awesome pair of winter mountain bike boots... that I left at home... because... burrito?

Home early from the mountains (for a change), and plenty of energy left to hit the Backyard Trails with Dr Mike (again) on Sunday... somehow getting more miles, more ride time, and 66.6% of the climbing compared to the day before.

And following up on my May conundrum, I hate to admit it, but I think it's best to hold off on any big travel plans.  Yeth, the Coronavirus is real enough that I'd rather wait and see what happens over the next month (or more) before buying plane tickets or committing to an eight hour drive to a five day stage race.  There's no harm in being patient (not a patient), so fuck it. 

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