Tuesday, March 10

Woods are safe place

Day trips to Pisgah come at a cost.  Dedicating half the weekend to mountain bike cycling means that I have one day to do all this shitty adult things one does as well as get in some quality family time.

So, an iffy weather prediction in the mountains (that ended up being totally pleasant) meant an easier choice to get my jollies locally with buds.

Bill Nye trying to screw up the works by letting "just a little bit" of air outta his fork with an advanced monkey tool (stick).

The new trail at the US National Whitewater Center gives me one more reason to not really bother heading to the far north end of the trail system.  Not that it's absolutely terrible, just more of the same without being all that different.

No mega-mileage.  No snow.  No sleeves.

Something I couldn't say about my last two weekends in Pisgah.

Worthy of note (but mebbe not), headed out to the stores to get our weekly supplies with The Pie on Saturday night.  Target.  Decimated shelves that would normally have a plethora of toilet paper, energy bars... tampons?

The current situation seems at the forefront of everything right now, and it does seem to quash my ability to put my brain on any sorta track lately.  Not only am I lacking in blerhg fodder, I'm having to put an effort into not looking at every bit of (insert word I don't wanna say)-related news.  Shit, I even got a book outta the library,  because at this point, screen time is virtual exposure time.

Sunday, more bike mountain bike cycle rides with more buds.

Leaf Life getting all sendy.

Bill "I'll take the zero" Nye not getting all sendy.

Our "Pooh Tracks."  You pretty much have to be a Charlottean to get it.  We ride on "pooh tracks."  Real pooh tracks.

Also, I don't know if you have to be from Charlotte to get the joke (mebbe it's a Pink Bike thing), but if a tree falls in the forest and someone doesn't yell "iT's a FeAturE!" did a tree even fall?

Colin swung by to join us after doing his morning Jehovah Witnessing at the South Park Mall parking lot.

Nick has already started training for the 2020 cyclo rossing season.  Be afraid.

Bill Nye looking for any excuse he can find to justify the 1,500 gram tire he refuses to take off his bike.

Leaf Life taking the rock less hucked.

100% the kinda ride(s) I wanna have on a 60° day in Charlotte with mebbe 55% of the miles I need to get ready for The Whole Enchilada (or Half?) in two weeks.

Back at work Monday and crowded elevators and people talking about sanitizers and cruise ships and airplanes and coughing and hand washing and...

How many more months of this?

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