Tuesday, March 17

Non-idle hands

I never thought I'd be counting rolls of toilet paper, figuring out familial consumption rates, and making a decision about whether or not I need toilet paper, or if I'd just be adding to the problem of further limiting resources for others with a purchase of this most sought after commodity.

I also never thought I'd have to do Mega-Roll to standard roll conversions.

But here I am.

Am I hoarding?

Well, I did buy two liters of TruckerCo sealant, four sets of brake pads, two pairs of ESI grips, and I made sure I was topped on tire-wise as well..

Because I can ride, right?  Other than that, beer?

Yeth, I made some wise decisions as well. 

I don't wanna dwell on "the topic" tho. Every day, deal with what's coming and make smart choices. The best option on Saturday was to ride with Dr Mike. Put in some miles and smiles and talk about stuff like bikes (and also not bikes, dammit).

Sunday. A new day. We're still here? What do?

Rally up with Bill Nye and answer Leaf Life's call to build jumps that will be too big for me to ride.

"Yes, we have well exceeded Dicky range."

There is a Dicky approved line tho.  This is not it.

Bill Nye and I halped for about as long as we were useful for...

photo cred; Ben U
Machine work really speeds things up, but we were sorta useful engines.

Then we rode out behks in the woodsen for a bit.

Instead of a post-ride beer at the local hangout spot, we chose to enjoy porch isolation.

I'm sure just like anyone else who has a beating heart, Monday started as a a "take it as it comes" kinda day.  I'm also sure 90% of yinzers reading this are doing the same.  Family, some friends, bikes... and little else.

Good luck, everybody.


runninggunner said...

Thanks for posting. Always look forward to your take. And bike related adventures and updates.

Anonymous said...

Advocat sez:

Thanks for the giggles and good feelz. Need all we can get. Hope we can all do like Rocky these next few weeks and RAMFB! Never seen so many folks out at Back Yard as on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this brief escape from the craziness. Keep pedaling and know there are people you come to this blog for a break from reality. Keep it up. Ty