Friday, March 20

Putting the "D" in Detachment

Quite possibly the worst day to post a blerhg post is Friday, at least traffic-wise.

Well... it used to be anyways.

Who knows what things are like in our new abnormal normal, so here goes it.

My workplace has every single employee who can work from home doing so.  For me, that means bike courier work is kinda limited.  Uptown Charlotte is pretty much a ghost town, the courthouse is only open three hours a day (as of yesterday?), and it's just a strange world to be in.

Yeth, I'm still in it... kinda.  I offered to take a turn as part of the skeleton crew in the office doing whatever it is to keep things moving.  Which has been odd.  Also, when I do work (only three days between yesterday and the end of the month), I'm on for eight hours with an hour lunch instead of seven and a half with a half hour lunch, an arrangement that we came up with when I was hired so there wouldn't be a large gap in the day when I wasn't available to run around the city Premium Rushing.  I didn't like the idea of staying till 6:00 PM, but then I realized I had enough time to go... ride my bike for awhile on my lunch break?

That was pretty dope.

But that commute down the Light Rail Path last night at 6:00 PM?  Y'all weren't running before the shit went down.  A new user group who apparently has little to no shared path etiquette.  I felt like I was riding my bike down an airport concourse.

With dogs on ten feet leashes.

Red Rover, Red Rover, send Dicky on over.

So, tomorrow's Whole Enchilada race is canceled.  Obvs.

The 6 Hours of Warrior Creek was coming in two weeks... and now it's November 7th.

The Triple Dip v2.0.2 sammiches into the middle of those weekends, and is still happening as of this moment.  It's not truly an "organized" event, but... I dunno.  Do I go?  Do I stay home?  It's just a bike ride in the woods, but how many people on a ride is too many?  I guess I'll worry about that later. 

Here's what's messed up (as if I can point to one thing right now that's messed up).  Today's the first time that I can ever remember being under 130 pounds in March.  I've got plenty of saddle time in since the beginning of this year.  In general, I'm probably as "fit" as I've ever been this early in the "season," and what am I doing with it?

Sitting on the porch, drinking beer, and staring at these ding dongs.

Which isn't so bad. I do like them, and I think they like me.

So, today.  Long walk with a dog.  A bike ride with no destination or goal.  Mebbe go down the rabbit hole searching for the "butthole cut."

I'm also behind on my sewing, so mebbe that instead.

Then "butthole cut."

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Anonymous said...

My 11-year old hound for the last 8 days: umm what u doin here, this nap time big guy.