Monday, March 23


So, what's new?


Not much.  I won a bike.  In a raffle.  I don't have it yet.  I don't know when I'll get it (understandably).  I do know that right now, I could use the ever-loving shit outta it.

That's not exactly my bike, but my Rodeo Labs Flaanimal 5.0 will be something like it. Mebbe a different color. For sure, it will have a drooper whether it comes with one or not... because bikes should droop.  And as I said, if I had it right now, I'd be riding it a lot.  None of my current one-geared wonders are absolutely perfect for just rambling about town as much as I have been lately.  I just lack a certain something that makes me wanna load up on junk mileage for one reason (excuse?) or the other.

We all know new bike fever is a real thing.

What have I been doing when I'm not just tooling around aimlessly avoiding collisions with all the newcomers to the outside scene?

Just about everything on my to-do list is to-done.  Things that have lingered for too long and I've managed to steer clear of for months are complete.  I even did things that weren't on the list.  I mean, I don't wanna weed some random area of my lawn because the former home owner made it fancy, but when I'm bored?  Sure.  Cancel hotel reservations and dog boarding for our upcoming 25th anniversary trip?  Why not?  Gutters fixed, burnt out tail light replaced, and the air conditioner coils cleaned.  I even took the knots outta the dog leashes... and every single bike is now spotless.

I don't remember the last time all the bikes were clean. 

I've got some sewing/mending to do today... and then I'm back at work tomorrow, taking my turn on the skeleton crew.  After that, three days off, one day on, four days off... and that makes it to the two week "what do we do now?" mark.

I shoulda stretched my to-dos out molar betterer.


I'm bored too said...

New Bike storage blog fodder in... 3... 2... 1...
Congrats, very cool looking bike! Can't wait to get the details

rick said...

new bike win? so awesome. I won a fox factory fork last summer and was mildly turgid as a result. would probably need new pants if I won a bike...

Anonymous said...

To-do: make calendar of mountain bicycle and garvel events currently scheduled for October-November 2020.

Skidmark said...

Flanimal 5.0 looks quite entertaining. What size do you opt for, 49 or 52cm? Best 25th anniversary celebrates.

dicky said...

I think they suggested a 54, but I'm leaning towards a 52. I'm a half inch over the recommended height for a 52, but I've got long legs for a short man. I don't want too much reach.