Thursday, March 26

Shit in my pants

How are you today?



Today the county I reside in began its Stay at Home (Shelter in Place?) Order.  The writing was on the wall already, so no surprise there.  Because I work for a law firm and that's considered an "essential business," I get to keep going to the big building.  We're still splitting the office work up in three teams, going in every third business day.  I got Tuesday and Friday this week, and as "luck" would have it, just April 1st (Wednesday) next week.  I'm still getting some of my regular work delivering/picking stuff up, but for the most part, it's just putting out tiny fires for eight hours and trying to figure out what a normal human does with an hour lunch break.

Sitting in the fancy chairs of our recently renovated main lobby watching The Orville helps pass the time on a rainy day.

Tomorrow it will be 80°, so obvs I'll go ride my bike (as still allowed by law).


After doing whatever choring I could think of around the house, I was gonna go ride my bike.  Another perfect day for the Flaanimal 5.0 that I don't have yet, so what to ride?

Oh, I forgot.

I had put my Industry Nine Hydra wheels back on for shart tarck in January. After that was over, I put on the main meats for the "season," Forekasters 2.6 and 2.35.

But thanks to the Rick James of viruses, my "season" is fucked like a muddy suede couch.  Not complaining about the hardships of losing a small part of my privilege, just recognizing that I'm wasting my good tires riding around aimlessly on paved surfaces.

Dunno why it took me so long to finger out that it's time to mount my I9/NOX wheels with the big 3.0 DHF+ up front (my fun bike set up).  Mebbe I was hesitant to do it because there was no tire on the rear wheel.  The Vassago took it a month ago.

So, dig around through the used but not used up tires in the laundry room...

Find an Ikon 2.35... that is so old that it has glitter in it, which means it dates back to when I used Stan's not TruckerCo. 

Mount it anyways.

Sitting on the couch holding my trembling dog as the garbage truck does its business outside.  Finalize a plan to cruise greenways at an anti-social social distance with Bill Nye at 1:45 PM.

The garbage truck comes back down the other side of the street, the dog trembles, and

The gunshot directly behind me was the Ikon blowing off the rim.  Although it's been years since I've had such a thing happen, I knew within a half second what had transpired a few feet from my head.  My dog just thinks this is a new wrinkle in the garbage truck's plot to kill him, and I'm sure his fear factor just went up tenfold.  The Pie was on a conference call in the other room.  She came out and looked at what she expected, sighed, and went back to work.


Text Bill Nye, tell him I'm gonna be late because... reasons.

Spend the next half hour cleaning latex off everything, making sure to use a rag and NOT a precious commodity like a paper towel.  Launder the soiled curtains, mount an Ardent 2.25 (how old is this tire?), and head out the door.

Spend the next few hours collecting pollen in my eyes, keeping my distance from Bill Nye, dodging all the greenway traffic, visiting the recently injured Dr Mike (at a distance), and generally just enjoying being outside and alive for awhile.

Thank dog some nearby trails have opened up this morning so I can ride my bike where it was meant to be ridden.

I'll keep updating this blog with all the excitement that is my life, because apparently people are so bored they're going back to reading things again.


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Dicky dicking around with tires. Glad to know some things don't change :-)

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can't read

more pics please

Shaban said...

Poor dog, dude.

Also quite an eye catching title