Tuesday, March 31

Sit. Stay.

Hey, now.  Still peachy?

Me too?

Ery' day is a new day, and I've just been waking up and thinking "what now?"

Stuff.  E'ry day.  More stuff.

Sometimes this:

Leaf Life wanted some halp massaging the jumps that were built recently.

I can't describe the magnitude of this case.

Ironically, I've spent more time working on this jump line (that I'll never ride) than any other trail section lately.

Admittedly, I'm useless when it comes to shaping the dirt.  Digging more of it outta the ground is about as good as it gets for me.  I can make holes.

I worked until I felt like all my calories were depleted, headed home, showered, and rode to Birdsong Brewing...

because Higher Ground now comes in cans. If you only knew how long I've been waiting for this news. Growlers are so heavy, and it's harder to ration the good stuff out over a week. Truly a blessed day. Home, another shower... and then hammock time with The Pie staring at the sky.

If you haven't been knocking out the little tasks you've been avoiding around the house, let me tell you, you're missing out on all kinds of levels of mini-satisfaction.  This stupid hook on the screen door had a non-functioning locking bit on it that kept it from fully latching.

So I broke it off.

This molding on the outside of the screened in porch was too long, but the previous owner said "fuck it" and hammered it in anyways.

So I removed it, cut it too fit... and now my OCD has to deal with the fact that while the molding sits flush, the paint don't match.

Also, big ticket things that I've been avoiding because I knew they would take hours.

I fucking hate painting.  The only thing I hate more than painting is mold... and since I already had a can of Kilz... because mold on the screened-in porch ceiling... then mold on the back porch ceiling... then mold on the screened-in porch walls... and then mold on the whatever you call the things that hold the back porch roof up.  As per my usual, I got paint where it shouldn't be, drips here and there on the floor, but I did manage to not drop the whole gallon creating a superfund site... which is my prime directive when applying paint to surfaces.

Seriously, lipstick on my turd of a back porch.  The Pie said it looks nice, but I know a turd when I see it.

Big task done, big ride to do.

 Fuck you...

 By my estimate, this snek was much longer than 780mm. 

I made a concerted effort to keep the ride mellow but still ride all the trails for the whole twenty mile "loop."  I mean, I certainly have the time for a long ride, and it's not like I'm getting to Pisgah any time soon.  This is as good as it gets.

Oh yeah, stay home...

If you don't understand how community spread works, do some reading on the topic.

Then... stay home.  It's not about you.

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