Friday, April 3

Hello, hello, hello...

Wow.  Is it Friday already?

No?  Yeth? 

You could swing my vote either way at this point.

My house is so organized right now.  I'm down to just the laundry room/sundrious hardware bits closet.  Then that's it.  I even went through the bedroom closet and sorted through all the stuff we just tossed on the top shelf when we moved in and ignored for the next 28 months.

Do kids these days even know what a "photo album" is?

Enjoy being free from this burden, young ones.

I'm still riding.  A lot.  And I've done some trail work here and there.  Both entirely local.  Pretty sure some of my friends think I'm nuts, but I'm not getting in a car with anyone to travel to a trail head right now.  It's been... weeks?  A month? 

I can't remember at this point.

But the idea of three or four heads congregating in a car and spitting their respective "communities" on one another for one to five hours round trip sounds terrible.  The whole purpose of social distancing thrown out the window because "we're bored."

Everything we're going through and all the effort and loss goes out the window because we have the privilege of living in a country where being "bored" isn't an option.

Although this is coming from a guy who purposely bought a house a half mile from 17 of the best miles of trail in the Charlotte area because I wanted to remove the car from my ride equation as much as I could.

So I (with Scott's help) built a "jump" in a place on the trail near my house that's less than of a "jump" and more of a "bump."

The picture does nothing, but I was too lazy to try and get something better. 

There used to be something there before, but it's been worn down over time.  I've been doing most of my trail work recently helping Leaf Life and Tim make jumps that are so BIG that I'm never gonna hit them.  Problem being, I wanna build stuff for other people to get their wheels off the ground, not just the 5-10% of riders in Charlotte that are comfortable with a 25' creek gap.

This "jump" is actually smaller than the stuff I want for myself.  That said, I realize it's a particular skill and knowledge base to build a proper jump of the sort I want in the right place.  I've got a couple more weeks of down time (at the moment), so mebbe I'll have a vision out there while riding the same trail day in and day out.

Who knows?

But for now, there's something that a beginner can play on, someone like me can get a grin out of, and I'm sure a talented rider could make look cool.

I just get grins.
To be honest, that video was more of a PITA to shoot by myself than it was worth... but I got too much time on my hands, so whatever.

It's about 9-10 size 43 SIDI shoes from takeoff to the edge of the down slope transition. 


I'll ride trail, take Pester to the vet, and then ride more trail an appropriate distance from Bill Nye's head later.  Mebbe end the day sitting fifteen feet apart in the yard with beers.

Then tomorrow... mebbe that laundry room.

also, probably me on Sunday:

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