Monday, April 6


Member when I took off my race wheels/tires because nothing was gonna be happening any time soon?

I member.

Now with even more and more things disappearing off the calendar, I've been preparing to be under prepared a lot more.

If my main wheels are now my Torch backups, why not clean and maintain the innards to prepare them for many, many pointless miles of wandering instead of binge watching Rick and Morty?

Yeth, I have a new set of Industry Nine Hydras on order, but they're kinda busy making medical equipment at this time...

So, I'm okay waiting for them... not like I'll be racing much anyhoo.

I recently removed the Wolftooth drooper lever and mounted up a PNW Loam lever.

What where why?

This is a pretty good reason for me:

That tiny grub screw allows you to adjust the start point of the lever's throw.  I was having to stretch my hyper-extended, always-on-the-mend thumb backwards to get at the Wolftooth.  With this feature, I was able to get the lever where it needs to be at the start of the droop.

Yeth, I like it so much that I've got another one on the way for the Vassago Meatplow V.8... and some other experimenting to do there as well...

Because what else is there to do?

I was gonna put new ESI grips on the Vergito Meatplow V.7 for the start of the "season," but...

them trees at the Backyard Trails...

I couldn't hold my bike still exactly between the trees, but trust me, they're about 800mm apart.

Pretty sure I mentioned it once, twice, or thrice, but I'm riding locally until this is over.  Let's say that while I'm getting very familiar with a certain bunch of trails, my grips are on a first name basis with many of the trees out there.

Speaking of the Backyard beating things up...

I put the aluminum crunks back on because why bother whacking my crabon crunks on all the chunky rocks that litter the only trail system I'm riding... and not racing.

And while the crabon crunks are off the bike, why not install AMS Honeycomb crunk guards?

The stock Race Face ones look like pooh in a very short time, and the AMS stickies I had on my last crunks were holding up well... until the crunks themselves failed.  Meh.

And the flip side on the bike coin, I realized I've been doing something else very wrong.

I normally just leave the Vassago Meatplow V.8 set up with a 32 X 20 for riding in the mountains. 

Member the mountains?

I member.

With the 19 tooth cog on there, I get to remove a link of chain and get my stay length down close to 420mm.  I also don't spin out as fast on local trails, so all the buenos here.


I just went ahead and took the Wahoo mount off the bars.  Why?  I'll ride my other bike when I'm thinking about "fitness."  This bike will be all about fun.  I don't wanna know how many (or how few) miles I ride, what time it is in the real world, or how many calories I burned... all data is irrelevant.  I'm looking for escape. 


Hug your families.

Call your friends.

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glen said...

it's like getting ready for winter without the cold...