Thursday, July 2

There's pineapple elephant, lemon elephant, coconut elephant, pepper elephant, elephant soup, elephant stew, elephant salad, elephant and potatoes, elephant burger, elephant sandwich...

Three weekends in a row of riding in Knoxville has taught me at least one thing.  Despite being known for having so much flow, they certainly have a lot of sharp, pointy fuck-faced rocks as well.

Odd.  I pointed out something like three or five large slices to Bill Nye on Sunday, and now when I went looking for them on my soiled tire, I couldn't find them all.  I swear...

I find myself very thankful for EXO casing.  Although I did wake up twice to a slightly flat'ish rear tire, it held up fine (and still is tip top)... when I refreshed the TruckerCo Cream after discovering the first slow leak.  I blame multiple runs down Giddy Up, Plan B, and Party in the Woods trying (and failing) to hold on to the wheels of my fully squash biked counterparts.

I guess other than random trips to the high(er) country, I haven't talked about life in general much.    Well, here goes.

I'm imagining that the average reader here has a certain tendency to push their physical limits from time to time on a mountain bike.  I'd like to think every mountain biker has this trait, as it lends well towards the growth of an endurance mindset.  While it's been some time since I've tested my mettle whilst doing a pedal, I have general stiktuit attitude when it comes to things in life.

I might stumble back when hit with something unexpectedly, but the whole "You know how you eat an elephant?" mantra kicks in pretty quick.

Step One: Put on your stretchy eating shorts.

So, the whole pandemic thing we are doing so remarkably well with here in the US?

Ummm... yeah.

Of course, when the state of North Carolina started shutting down, they were all "two weeks, mebbe four... tops."

They assume mebbe we don't have the internet with access to "information" and/or brains, I guess.

I immediately went to the closet and grabbed my stretchy eating shorts like it was Thanksgiving morning in 1986 Ohio.  Bring on the roasted elephant with a side of stuffing (that's what we call "dressing" up north), and gimme some elbow room.  Things are gonna get messy.

Like many others, I thought (okay, hoped) that with a lot of cooperation and working with our fellow Americans, mebbe August would happen in a sorta normal fashion.  Gotta be good by September.  On the outside, October will be so buenos... right?

I'm starting to lose my appetite for elephant.  Most days, it feels like I've forced down at least ten pounds of USDA Prime pachyderm steaks (bite by bite, natch), only to find out that the elephant I'm trying to fully consume hit the Wendy's drive-thru while I was sleeping... twenty times.

All the while, I remind myself that all that's being asked of me is coming to the dinner table and do my part...

I know others doing the same thing... but as their trying to eat their elephant, it's sitting on their chest, shitting on the lives, and basically running around like a bull in a China shop (but with a big nose and ears and their pokey bits in other places).

Don't get tired now.

Keep reaching out to friends and others to see that they're doing all right.

Keep making the most of your time while not losing your mind sweating the things you can't change.

Keep hugging your family (the ones you can).

Keep getting outside and away from the TV and computer (or whatever electronical object you're ready this blerhg post on).

I'm not going to say:

"Keep wearing your mask."

"Keep social distancing."

"Keep washing your hands."

"Keep posting your political opinions on FaceBook."

"Keep arguing with strangers and classmates from high school that you haven't seen in decades."

Because you've already made up your minds on most of those activities.

Be that as it may, if you would like to discuss anything (and I mean anything) with me socially distanced in my front yard (no masks!), feel free to contact my assistant for an appointment.

The lines are open.

Be patient.  I have Sprint.  Also, there's a good chance that I'll be in my happy place, in the woods with no cell signal.

Keep eating your elephant, kids.  It ain't gonna eat itself.


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed this blog post... keep posting!!

The Hoo said...

a very apt metaphor

Anonymous said...

When are you going to talk about this.