Tuesday, October 5

Double rainbow? Spectacular wreck video? Look no further.

It's fall, and the pretty colors are popping up all over the place.

Where you expect them....

and in the little nooks and crannies that you had no idea were even there.

For all the wonderful colors I'm seeing there isn't too much associated pain, except when I wake up in the morning. I managed to work a pain free day yesterday after I invented the "flat surfaced pedaling system."

I think these things might catch on. Although I made these so I don't have to twist my ankle to get out of my clipless pedal seventeen million times on any given day as a messenger I could see where dirt jumpers and downhillers could benefit from this type of pedal. Please don't tell anyone until I look into the whole patent thing.

After a full day of work the swelling is nice and impressive and extends half way up the outside of my calf.

But enough about me. I know some of you are worried about the Superbeast's condition. After my tumbling circus performance I looked the bike over for damage. The only thing I could find wrong other than a dirty bar plug was this:

I've never had that happen before, but I'm thinking after reading this thread on MTBR I truly have a warranty issue on my hands. I mean, I was just riding along... when I crashed at some ungodly speed and landed in a heap of human and bike. This is clearly a manufacturing defect. All I need to do is walk in a shop and pitch a fit until I get what I want. Awesome.

And here is the video of the wreck. I don't know if I'm going to bother editing everything else I shot since I rode rather lamely on my Quado ankle. Be sure to turn up the volume and listen for all the moaning and groaning after the camera naturally fades to black (about 18 seconds in).

Yes, the camera broke free from my chest and spun into oblivion. The distance between where the wreck started and where it stopped was close to twenty feet, and I'm glad I was wearing the camera when it happened. The experience would have only been better if Stabby had been wearing the camera when I wrecked or if I woulda been wearing the camera and following Stabby if he woulda wrecked. That woulda been a whole lot better (for me).

On a slightly different note, last week I enjoyed my time off work much to the chagrin of the daily blog reading folk. I ended up going for a hilly road ride in Stanley County with Jerry and Micheal. I did not know such heinous climbing lie only 30 minutes (by car) to the east.

On this road ride I saw a turkey, chickens, Shetland ponies, and donkeys.

I did see some unleashed dogs, but it was the one that I didn't see that really mattered. I ended up running into a very sneaky dog that ran right out in front of me on a Kamikaze mission. Luckily I glanced of his port side rear flank and neither of us went down. Sorry, I have no video proof of that. Another impact on another crabon fibre bike and no worries (after looking it over closely).

This week I am going to do my best to not test the integrity of my crabon fibre machines. If I can get my foot to resemble a foot in a couple days I might go for a mountain bike ride this week, but if it still looks like a horse hoof I'll probably be back out dog hunting in the countryside.


Unknown said...

The crash sucks,but its awesome that the video was rolling. And yes, those are beautiful fall colors on your ankle.

Peter Keiller said...

see what i did there? i made that crash your fault...who knew?

Anonymous said...

Great video!!

I love the face at the end too.

It sounded like your suspension was topping out the whole way.

dicky said...

That annoying noise is the camera bouncing around on the Chesty mount I woulda soundtracked over it, but you needed to be able to hear me piss and moan.

Billy Fehr said...


SteveS said...

Can we get it in slow motion?

dicky said...

I wanted slo-mo, but I don't have the technology. I realized later I shoulda subtitled all the aftermath coversations and groans.

zod said...

Raspberry is way too early to wreck, you're supposed to save that for Sinkhole or Beehive.

jkeiffer said...

You never woulda wrecked riding rigid. It's harder to go stupid fast.