Thursday, April 10

Pee Emm Tee Ehn Arrrhhhhh

I finally went on a Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride.  They've been going on for some time, and until now, I've been quite good at coming up with excuses to not go.  This time, the pressure from Bill Nye and Kangalangamangus was at an all time high.  With the temperature being quite nice, my to-do list empty, my Wednesday morning clear for sleeping in (or so I thought), The Pie being in a receptive mood since our massive anniversary celebration had already occurred the night before, and me being already dressed to ride since I was at work when I made the decision, I caved.

I did not want to trade in a whole kitchen pass, so instead of heading straight to the Common Market or The Spoke Easy for pre-beers, I went home for dinner.  After a fine meal of vegetarian tacos and too many No Bake cookies, I headed back out the door... something I hate doing on a school night.

Off to the Common Market early in order to get a pre-ride beer without having to wait in line behind a bunch of people who look like messengers... or at least what we're supposed to look like.  Listen to Leaf Life tell some stories... might have just been one long story, meet Dip n Spray's roommate who started drinking early (like November), see Bill Nye and Kangalangamangus, thank them for bringing me into the fold, and then the whistle blew.

I head over to the Fastest Bike in the World and flick my light on.  No response.  Check my memory and remember the last time I think it worked was the ride home from the Gentle Ginger's house after the Tour duh Charlotte.  Was probably dead that night too.  Jump on and head out.  Bill Nye and Kangalangamangus are nowhere to be seen.  I'm in a group of people I mostly don't know and have never seen before.

I move through the peleton like Sagan heading to the front for a final sprint (with less YouTube worthy curb hopping).  I find Paul and Zac towards the head of this 100+ strong group.  I sit in.

Coming down a hill, I watch Zac do some kind of skid-hop slow down technique.  I call him "Jimmy John" and the next ten minutes are lost in conversations of physics, fixed gear techniques, knee issues, tire preservation, accident avoidance, and sandwich delivery.

The ride stops multiple times in random spots.  Whistles are blown and the ride continues.  Zac gets cautioned for riding off the front.  One more incident and he will receive another warning.  I see the city from an angle I've never seen before at night.  I think, "There's work," because that's what I think when I see the city.  Kinda like walking past your cubicle on a Saturday for recreational purposes.

More random yet planned routing around the city.  See the JFG sign from a new angle.

Seemed outta place... makes sense when I went looking for this image just now.  Longest standing billboard in Charlotte, it was moved in 2011 when I wasn't paying attention.  Now I know why it's outta place.  I should look up more.

We end up on top of a parking deck to look at stars.  Being a country boy at heart, it seems silly to head into a city to look at stars.  Once at the top of the deck, I realize how close I was in proximity to the first planned beer stop.  I gather all the willing and we bail on the gazing.  Head to the French Quarter.

photo cred: Ty Cain
Beer.. 3/4 of the reason I came.  Others had already bailed and were on scene getting an early start.  Half way done with an expensive yet flat beer by the time the main group arrived.  Many cross conversation are had.  My one eared listening skills are put to the the test.  I hang out until I realize the group wasn't going anywhere soon, the time quickly approaching my normal bed time.  I would stay out later had there been more drinking or more riding, but my evening was headed home for a pre-11:00PM sleep...

or not.

Our 15+ year old dog with some tinge of dementia decided tonight was a night for random barking, hallway pacing, and everyone's favorite pastime, projectile fluid expulsion.  Up off and on all night just to give up the bed for a steam cleaner at 6:00AM.

Remember back on Christmas day when I (possibly) broke my toe?

In my vigorous efforts to dispatch the offending malodorous excretions,  I got a little too physical.

Same couch, different corner, same toe.

Not nearly as bad, but it only took a gentle bump to produce much swelling and bruising.  I was so happy to say goodbye to the cold weather and related toe pain.  This is not the way to celebrate Throwback Thursday.

So yeah, about PMTNR.

I can see how it could be enjoyed by some.  In a different life, I would probably do it all the time.  It was a spectacle to behold, I'm glad I went (once), and hope it continues ad infinitum for all that enjoy its existence.


Anonymous said...

You're in the south. It's supposed to be "Arrrrhhhhhhruh"

Anonymous said...

Whilst seeking out some bombastic, hard-hitting journalism on the teamdicky blog, I was somehow redirected here.
While "the fluff report" left out key details of the ride, such as the ratio of tube to cut-off denim shorts repairs, it at least made mention of dog feces. A few pictures would have been nice, but I understand that you only have so much space and pictures of your feet and billboards selling extinct coffee take preference.

dicky said...

Knowing that I have a propensity to take shitty photos in the daytime, I left my iPhone in my pocket most of the night, only taking it out occasionally to check Ricki Lake's twitter feed.

ryan said...

But the report did include that 100 random cyclists were led to some sweet telescopes on the top of the Discovery Place parking garage to look at stars. That's science for ya!

Anonymous said...

For some reason,the first picture of your toe makes me want to indulge in projectile fluid expulsion...

Billy Fehr said...

But left out the part about mass light pollution, which made star gazing difficult at best. I saw the stars that night from the way out back with we less lights in the sky,it reminded me I am alone and not simultaneously. FYI, first commment not mine, however it is humorous...