Tuesday, April 8

This is about the bike

So yeah, the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek was the first ride on the new VerDickgo Meatplow V.7.  Of course anybody who has absolutely nothing better to do on a Tuesday is wondering what I think about it.

Baby's first bath... whether it needed it or not.

I have to admit, there was a bit of nervousness about racing a bike that I just put together and hadn't had out on the trail yet.   More worried about the fact that I was on a duo team, so someone else was counting on me to have not forgotten to tighten a bolt or something stupid of that nature.  Nevertheless, when Eric came off his first lap, I all but forgot I was on a new bike...

Until about mile marker two.

I then thought about the fact that I was riding as fast as I possibly could (in my current condition), pushing myself as hard as I ever do in a short format type race (that I might actually care about).  I realized right then and there, this bike feels good.  Natural.  No surprises.  What I expected.

It's the best of both of my old worlds in one bike.  Lightweight, stiff, short chain stays (sooooooooo maneuverable)... just perfect.

Some things are a bit taken for granted.  This bike matches the fit on the V.5 and the V.6 very closely.  There was no measuring anything when I installed the fork/cockpit.  One 2.5mm spacer and a Thomson 70mm stem.  Adjust the bar/brake lever angles.

I felt confident at speeds.  Maybe a bit cocky'esque?  I hit the A-frame bridge fast enough to launch over it without touching the backside, something I've never done before on a rigid bike (or at least remember doing).  Perhaps no big feat to some, but I just didn't feel like hauling in my speed and rolling over it like I normally do.

So far, I would say the bike delivers.  That's based on one ride... at a race... that doesn't necessarily suit me.  Warrior Creek is a power course.  I'm anxious to get this thing out on something a little more longy climby, fasty descendy, touchy feely, spready cheeky (name that movie).

The only changes I had to make on Sunday?

The brakes were originally cut for the Specialized FSR EVO Blah Blah Blah bike last year.  Both were a skoach too long.  This hurt my brain.  Swap the front from another bike, cut/bleed the rear, boom.

Also, the Spurcycle Ringer bell was too hard to reach when mounted inboard of the brake lever.  Had to be moved.  Tight real estate, but workable solution.

That's it.  Although very soon, and somehow working it in with the movement of my household goods and essential tools to another shelter that is on the horizon, I'll need to swap to the Thomson drooper and Fjox fjork for PMBAR/Pisgah 111/55.5k.

And also of note, but even more pointless to discuss...

While Bill Nye and I were headed up I77 on Saturday, we were passed by someone with a hitch mounted rack carrying a yellow trailer.  Then, as if we were witnessing something so serendipitous that it would seem to be a sign of the beginning of the Apocalypse, a SUV came from the on ramp on our right with the same exact setup. 

They were side by side for a bit.  One carrying a cooler, the other with some hardware and a short ladder that suggested they were working on something that was just out of reach.  There was no acknowledgement from either driver of the awesomeness of the moment, and then SUV A pulled away from SUV B, and the event was not followed by the appearance of the four horsemen.


Anonymous said...

Spready cheeky - The fisher king. Good flick........glad the new ride is working out.....aaron

Big E said...

"Just prefect..." are two words that I don't think I've ever seen you write down next to each other in an sentence before. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dicky:
What's your chainstay length?
Do you feel the need for a disc brake brace on the rear chainstay...?
Just curious. thanks

dicky said...

With the 32X19, it sits at 424mm. So shorter with my mountain gear (32X20).

The brace? I don't design bikes, I ride them. I can't say that I've noticed them either way.

Bill Showers said...

Are you using a stick on cable guide for the fork? That routing looks really clean.

dicky said...

Nope. But cable routing is my specialty. It's not much of a specialty, but it's what I got.