Thursday, August 18

Because we got the bomb.

There's a reason I don't change my header image very often.  Or the sidebar images to the old blog or past results... or anything else that's outdated or at the very least, tired.

It's difficult and time consuming (for me).

Only so, because I don't know entirely what I'm doing and don't want to learn, much less store that information in my head part for future use.

I decided it was finally time to add CarboRocket to the list of Dick Supporters the other day. Thought I could squeeze such a thing in before I headed out the door for a "training" ride on Tuesday.

I was wrong.

I borrowed the html I've been using to put linked logos into the sidebar years ago.  I felt like I owed as much to my supporters ("sponsors" sounds so elitist, especially considering what I actually do).  I don't know what html is or how it works.  I just figured out that I copy and paste links into places where I see them in the code, push publish, and hope for the best.

So the CarboRocket logo was too big after a couple stabs in the dark... and I accidentally used a gif.. and after thirty minutes or so, I was late for my ride.

And that's why I don't change things on the blerhg very often.

I was inspired into action because I got my purple drank in the mail.

It's honestly my favorite flavor of Half Evil, the drink with most of the calories and hydration I want in one bottle.  The purple drank flavor also has zero caffeine, which is best for me 95% of the time, as I like to save that (caffeine) for later as opposed to having constant access to it.  As excited as I was about getting a resupply of the stuff, I was even happier that they've swapped over from tubs to resealable bags.  Cuts down on waste and whatnot and way easier to pack for travel.

Speaking of packing, I've gotta get all my things together NOW.  I'm getting scooped at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning to make our way to SSUSA in PA.  I can't remember the last time I traveled so far for such a short race, but only an asshole would be traveling to SSUSA with the actual race on their mind.

I might be an asshole, but I'm not that kind of asshole.

Gonna put this here, just so I can listen to it.


Rob said...

Can't wait for SSUSAPA!

Anonymous said...

HTML is just glorified markup language... an arsehole, closes by itself. Now shut the damn door will yah!

AdamB said...