Tuesday, August 16

Two more weeks of mustache glory

Not for nothing, but I signed up for the Fool's Gold 50 (60?) late Sunday night.  Not entirely sure why, but I know I'll probably be shaving off my mustache when I'm done racing for the year, so perhaps it's just to keep it a couple weeks longer.  I'm also stoked that the venue has returned to a little more after party friendly status, complete with camping and such.

Wasn't too hard of a decision to do the 60 miler over the 100 (which is actually 90).  Shenandoah Mountain 100 is just two weeks before the FG, and I didn't want to spend nine to ten hours in the Virginia mountains thinking about nine to ten hours in the Georgia mountains in my near future.

I don't really foresee any real podium chances down there.  With the NUE Marathon series drawing in riders like Ernesto Marenchin and James Litzinger (who both have a shot at 1st in the series), not to mention the usual suspects and the Motor Mile Mafioso (aka: Dicky Dream Sqaushers), it would take a miracle to get me on the box.

Or I'd actually have to start taking things seriously starting now... and keep that up for a whole month.


Not looking forward to the fifteen mile gravel and pavement lollipop stick out (or back), but the lollipop itself has some awesome single track.  It's good enough that it only takes me a year and a half to forget all the soul-sucking road sections and only remember the good times, thus my almost biannual appearance at the event.

Oh yeah, yesterday I restarted my running campaign for the third time since I started the restarting this summer.  Over two weeks ago, I went out and ran almost six miles at a 7:40 pace... and then it hurt to walk the next day.  Even worse another day later.  My feet parts (upper foot to ankle) hated me for that.  Damn it.  Back to two milers at a much more reserved pace.


Anonymous said...

running sucks, why do that? used to run in my teenage years (cross country), got boooring, so took up smoking pot and drinking instead... that got deadly with my addictive personality, so I took up mtbing instead... it was good, till i started racing, then it just became road riding... then it got boring. So, i took up chasing girls... got put in the slammer and it got costly going through divorces... So, I took up riding mtb again. First started mtbing when I was 3, can remember my dad pushing me down a hill with a beer in one hand and my bike in the other, I hit the ground hard. In my teenage years, I'd take this CCM 3 speed and hit up the trails. Till someone dared me to go down this hill, dead man's leap, I said oh yah watch this, went down it with one hand, flipped and busted the bike and my hand. Brought back memories of my dad with a beer. I stopped riding the trails for a while, then took out my mom's single speed and busted it...

I do miss the 100 milers though. I have to get back into those.
You look good on a box with that stash! you should make a dicky voodoo doll as a mascot for the NUEmtb races :)

Anonymous said...

on a side note, look what Floyd is doing now -