Wednesday, December 14

The Worst End-of-Year Recap Ever. Period.

I would say, "Mang, I feel like I need to write a year end wrap up blerhg post," but nobody really bike blerhgs consistently anymore, thus there is no norm and/or status quo regarding whether this is how it's done in '16.  I mean, we used to do that kinda thing... back when there was a "we."  I miss when there was a "we," but I've learned to cope in my own ways.

Guitar Ted would be my Wilson, I guess.

I mean, if I were put to the task, I'd re-hash the "season," maybe mention the fact that although it was a good year, I still never "won" a race in '16, unless a stage of the Wheels to the Farm counts.  Which, since I'm the only one keeping my own stats, I will.  I'd talk to my fellow bike blerhgers and see what they have to say, but you know.  Ded. 

So, fuck it.  I won a thing.

Winning is relative anyways.  Unless Nino or Julien or Stan Nice show up to the race, I'm just on a super organized play date with my friends making great bike games.  I can say that when I look back on 2016, I feel like it was not a wasted string of three hundred and something days.  I had a shit ton of fun and managed to produce less than ten (mebbe fifteen) major regrets.  I had a blast at every single event I attended, and out of the twelve races I "contested," I feel confident I was on the podium for the after-party at least 90% of the time... had to be at least a couple wins in there for sure.  Lula Lakes Land Trust 5 Points 50 and the Fool's Gold 50 (60?) truly were some shining moments as far as taking the win after suffering a non-podium result.

Won the fuck outta the Fool's Gold, hands down. Bill Nye and I outlasted and outwitted all comers and returned home triumphant with more beer and burritos in our bloated bellies and in the back of my Honda Fit of Rage than any twelve non-podium habitating racers and the entirety of the podium dwellers that day.  Truly a performance for the ages.

Looking back, I'm not sure if possibly being associated with the attempted borrowing of a keg or something involving urine and a drinking vessel would be considered the highlight.  It was a single speed specific event, so this behavior was to be expected tho.  It would be hard to argue that getting the majority of the (fun part of) the single speed class at the Trans-Sylvania Epic to get a head start on the final stage so we could dick off and spectate the Death Chute wasn't some sort of triumph.

Oh, and then taking a break under a dilapidated bridge to share a bottle of something or other.

It was a very, very good day.

Loftier expectations... I guess that's not my thing any more.  I did manage to do a couple of events for the first time, and I'd love to keep that going...


So far, I'm either financially of mentally committed to three events I've done way many countless times.  PMBAR, Trans-Sylvania Epic, and Breck Epic.  They're that good.  What can I say?

I've been looking for new events that I can plan for now... instead of tossing them in willy nilly-like at the end of the "season."  If I'm gonna travel, it's gotta be worth it.

Time to ponder and search for adventure... I guess.

As long as it's not on gravel.


Anonymous said...

you otta make an xmas card out of that shirtless pic.. its fn groovy!

Mike said...

No shirt no shoes no dice spicoli.
Bet you were wearing sandals, so applies.