Thursday, December 15

You pull the finger of gun

I can't complain.  I mean, I think it's impossibru.  Complaints are tempered by their relativity, thus dumb.

I check the weather around 7:50AM every day in order to decide what to wear on my ride to work and how to be prepared for whatever might happen between then and 5:30PM.  Some days, I am disappoint.  Rain and cold.  Meh.

But I can't "complain."  Knowing that someone somewhere is waking up to something worse weather-wise... not to mention some people are experiencing bombs being dropped on their house and stuff.  Complaining seems kinda petty.

But I can bitch and moan.  Nothing stopping me there.  That's all it is tho.

The weather makes me moan.  A disgruntled murmur for my ears only.  A muffled sigh before I walk around the house collecting layers of wool, polypro and GoreTex.  It's not gonna kill me, but I'm not gonna enjoy it either.  I have the right to moan, but that's about it.

I can bitch too.  My toe.  For all that is holy, it's been almost three weeks since I rolled it over in the dark, and the results of my incompetence are still on my brain.  I'll have one good day and then three bad ones in a row.  This just happens to be the busiest time of year at work for me, so I just can't get off my feet much.  Which is the thing that feels the best.  Also probably the most healing.

Trying to figure out which sock fits in which shoe that will keep it warm enough to not hurt too much while not getting it so hot that every thing gets all sweaty and swole which means it rubs on its neighbor and gets all angry and hotter...

It just seems like so many winters in a row, I've either had an injury or some sort of months long flubola or a strained this or that.  Le' tired.

*lets out subdued moan*

Finding solace in beer and sitting on the couch.  Not medicinal, but it gets my mind off the fact that I just want to get back on the bike in a pain-free way ASAP.

That's all just bitching.  It's just a toe. Whatever.  I should be celebrating my nine healthy toes instead.

There are other things to celebrate too.  These showed up today:

The new Cold Weather Glove from Handup Gloves.  It's usually around this time of year that I make great searching for the panacea to all my cold hand related ills.  Something with dexterity and warmth... and zero padding on the palms.  None of these Ergo Gel Tumor Lumps™ to get between me and the grip.

I really just don't get it. Someone must want this... I guess. I just don't know that person personally.

Anyways, I got my Cold Weather Handups one size larger than I normally wear (SM to a MD).  They were still a little tight initially, but after a day at work and a commute home, they fit better now.  The Clarino palm is noticeably thicker than the regular gloves and non-ventilated (no speed holes).

The FURMAL (Thermal fleece insulation that's as soft as kitten fur) top is cozy and warm...

but warm enough for low 30°s?  Warm enough for 20°s?  I'm sure I'll find out soonly... like tomorrow.

I doubt I can go that low, mostly because I've never worn a pair of five finger gloves that keep comfortable in the low 20°s for anything more than fifteen minutes.  I'm hoping to pick up a pair of large gloves down the road that I can slider liners into, because... layers.  They're not just good for burritos, you know.

Speaking of things that are good, like burritos... the Faster Mustache Christmas Lights Ride is this Sunday.  Once again, we'll be taking donations of coats of all sizes for Steve's Coats for Kids.  Bring a coat and get entered into a raffle for STUFF.  You do have to be present at Blue Blaze Brewing to win, but give me one reason why you wouldn't want to be there?

Beer, bikes, good causes, good times.


Anonymous said...

My hands always freeze. Looking forward to hearing how these work.

Trey Jackson said...

Have you ever tried Bar Mitts? I don't ride in as cold as you do, but when I use these in 30's and thin gloves my hands sweat.

No financial ties, just a happy user.

Mike said...

Cuff isn't long enough for what I'd call a true cold weather glove.
Mind the gap, in other words.

Mike said...

Cuff isn't long enough for a true cold weather glove.
Mind the gap, in other words.