Tuesday, December 20

Muh plate full

Busy.  Busy at work.  Busy when not at work.

This past Saturday, Tour duh Charlotte '17 assplorations around town.

We're to the point where all we really need to pull off the event is a venue for the morning registration and the after party. Something that's away from normal people, an unshared space on the day of, something that we will soil but fully clean when we're done.

If you have any ideas of such a place (in central CLT to slightly southwest CLT), let someone know. Me, some other Mustache... or me again.

I stopped at the swap meet at The Spoke Easy on my way home from the dank woods, and somehow for the price of one quality beer, I walked away with a pair of green jorts, a new pair of women's baggies (that I don't think I even wanted), and a strange one-size-fits-all mesh undershirt.

On Sunday, we had our Faster Mustache Xmas Lights Ride (and also Steve's Coat's for Kids collection fun time).  I stopped at Total Wine on the way over and picked up a 12'er for the guys at Bike Source (Merry Christmas... as you divide twelve beers between something like fifty employees).  I'm sure every one will get their three tbsp portion.

Eventually, a group of people that were not afraid of the predicted precipitation were rewarded with a beautiful evening of riding and revelry at Blue Blaze Brewing and Sir Ed's.

And then back to work on Monday into the thick of end of year and holiday business.

I did find the time to swap the 32X19 on the Vertigo Meatplow V.7 to a 32X18... something I meant to do... months ago?

Yeah, a bit busy with a side of lethargy and a glassful of apathy.

Anyways, I not ded.  Just buried.


AdamB said...

So, how are the Handup gloves handling the colddddd?

dicky said...

I'll get to it... soon.