Thursday, December 22

They do find me handy.

Still busy.

What spare time I have, I've spent growing facial hair and coiffing my do (for professional reasons).

photo cred: Kangalangamangus
A few weeks ago, I remembered that the holidays were quickly approaching, meaning two back-to-back three day weekends.  This would normally mean two day trips to the mountains and four days of trying to kill boredom with food.  I was excite.

Then on last weekend's Tour duh Charlotte assploration ride, I realized the likelihood of me riding in the mountains any time soon was minimal at best.  My toe is still being a total dick, and even light trail riding hurts.  I can't imagine hike-a-biking or slamming my way down a mountain working out so well.  Derp.

Guess much boredom will fall victim to the attacks of the foods.

Last week was a great time to test the Handup Cool Weather Gloves.

The temps were all over the place.  Mid 20s to lower 60s.  They performed pretty much as expected.... being that they are "cool weather" gloves and not "Arctic expedition" gloves.  Low 30s were a bit too much for me, but that's pretty much where I start wearing a liner under a pair of Answer Fall Line gloves I picked up for @ $7 a pair.  They're poochy fitting gloves and way too warm for their intended summer use, but I can get a liner under them, so...

Right around 35° to 45° was home base for the hand sweaters from Handup.  That's a good thing, being that plenty of my winter trail riding in Charlotte is in that zone.  The gloves have that similar second skin feel that the regular Handup gloves do, so my manual dexterity is zero compromised.

Hopefully that's a right proper review.  I'm still on my quest to find that glove with maximal feel and warmth for those rides that dip below freezing, but half-assing it to this point hasn't killed me, so mebbe I just stay the course there (and save money by not adding to my pile of pointless hand covers).

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Anonymous said...

I notice you have your pants undone.. coiffure du la pepe?

I'm going to get a complete body shave... my body hair bugs me...