Monday, January 30

Failure to Paunch

Remember how I was bitching about NICA having a rule banning single speeds for what I felt were illegitimate reasons that did nothing for inclusiveness?

Remember how I wrote an email to the Executive Director of NICA, Austin McInerny voicing my concerns using my big boy words?

Well, he got back to me on Friday of last week.


I'll just say that I got a little of what I expected, but a very well-thought-out and lengthy response.  He coulda blew me off with a few quick sentences, but he didn't.  While I don't 100% agree with every bit of the reasoning behind the rule, I can see NICA's point of view a little better.  That said, there would be pretty much no way to prove them wrong, so thus their opinions are just gonna have to be accepted as right.

I don't want to pull the email apart tit for tat or post the entirety of it here, as I appreciate Austin's candor and willingness to discuss the issue.  They (NICA) truly believe the rule is in the interest of the young racers, and I can't argue against defending the yutes.

My Cousin NICA, defending the yutes knees since '15

I'm still bummed because some preconceived notions are still just hanging out there regarding the "demands" of single speeding, but it is what it is.

"This is good news to me, because personally, I choose to live my life by repetitive, empty justifications." ~ Bro Science Guy

That same strange notion people get when they see you riding a single speed mountain bike and assume that you're some kinda super hero...

Which I can assure you, I am not.

I put up a hell of a fight tho, didn't I?

I know.  Not really, but for once, I kinda tried a thing.  Lesson learned.  Go back to not trying.  It's kinda my thing.

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Dave Harris said...

Nice work Dicky. It was worth a shot and now you know.