Thursday, January 26

Tour duh Charlotte '17 now really real, not just an "alternative race" anymore

It's official.  The Tour duh Charlotte is on like Donkey Kong's oversized, very masculine thong.

Registration is all the way live right now.

This is, according to the very best people, the bigliest race of the year.  A fun day of riding bikes with a couple hundred friends all over the streets and backwoods trails of the Queen City.  There will be racing and spectating and food and beer and good times and probably a few flat tires and hopefully no tetanus.

Some of this:

Some of that:

A little bit of this:

A very good chance of this:

A quick description for those too lazy to click the links:

"A Mountain Bike Stage Race and Urban Trail Adventure around Charlotte, NC

Join us March 18th for a day on the bike you will never forget. We will ride as a group on a 30-ish-mile "Party Pace" route around Charlotte. The route will feature urban paths, dirt roads, and even single-track trail. We'll stop along the way at 5 locations, called "Stages" where we will have a mini race. Some races will be Cyclocross style, some Cross-Country MTB, and maybe even a sprint through a mud hole. The Tour de Charlotte will be a showcase of in-town Charlotte trails, paths, and commuter routes.

About This Year's Event

Join us this year to explore some of the finest hand-built singletrack on the south side of the city. We are expecting to travel similar mileage as previous years, around 28 miles. All participants will ride trail, gravel, and dirt roads in addition to paved city streets and paths. As usual, we highly recommend an off-road-capable bike for this event."

$25 to ride along with the Party Pace and experience the city of Charlotte like never before. Stop along the way to spectate, cheer, and heckle racers at five distinct stages.

$35 to ride along with the party pace group, racing up to five stages along the way. Prizes for individual stages plus overall.

Everybody haz good time and no one goes away without blurry vision.


Anonymous said...

28 miles?????? Yeah right......

dicky said...


Mike said...

Will I see a cat joyfully lurking?

Because that would be awesome.

dicky said...


Anonymous said...

love to do it, but can't cross the border anymore, your new hitler just made it more difficult to do so...