Friday, July 21

'17 Dirt Rag Dirt Fap Fest: Part Three

I woke up the next morning when I felt like it, and apparently much to the disappoint to most people, I did not look as bad as I shoulda given what I'd done to myself over the last 24 hours.   There's some bumble farting about, Jon and Dan hop on the Stroopwaffle & coffee ride that went right through our camp, and I head over to the Maxxis group ride... and immediately bail as soon as ride leader Scott says something about "all the trails" and "50 miles."

I head out with a much less ambitious agenda with Leaf Life, Jim, and Andy... and one or two or three or more others... dunno.   Our group split and more confusion and we finally got to ride Gene's Trail and over to Crack.

photo cred: Andy
That's where Jim got a nasty boo boo.  Exposed the meat in his arms.  Kinda gross.  We use the Gorilla Tape I keep in my Tülbag combined with his HandUp Glove to keep the blood and meat inside his arm where it belongs.

photo cred: Andy
So, we ride/walk Jim back out of the woods and over to the medical tent where they douse him in all kinds of stinging liquids.

Should we go back out?


Abby joined us on this go around.  We got around to hitting Mother of Crack and a bunch of other stuff including the rather freshly cut Devil's Teacup... which was kinda nutty.

Get back to camp... and mebbe think about what's next.  After the day I'd had previously, I'm down with not swapping to liquid recreation so soon in the day.  Scott (whose 50 mile Maxxis ride wasn't quite) from Dirt Rag tells me that some folks are heading out to the vista on the Pine Loop with beers.  That sounds nice.  Couple beers and a view.

Ends up being Scott, myself, Damien... and Chainsaw Don with a cooler full of beer strapped to his back.

photo cred: Damien
Also ends up being more than a couple beers each and there's no easy way back.  We add on Pine Spur and when the others want to go down Mother of Crack (seen it), I bail down the gravel.  I get back and take what is pretty much the most awkward and poorly planned shower ever in my shoes and socks with nothing more than my dirty baggies to put on my soaking wet carcass when I'm done.

The previous night had taught me to at least throttle back a bit, and I spent the evening not embarrassing myself while others carried the torch with much pride.

A last day at Dirt Rag Dirt Fap Fest well spent.



liza said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

i love that photograph. Beer, pringles, everyone in their own head.