Wednesday, July 19

'17 Dirt Rag Dirt Fap Fest: Part Two

The following images would prove to be the closest thing I have to a "memory" of what happened Friday night.

Although, I do remember taking a leak at the edge of the woods in full sight of everyone watching Blood Road and then falling down the hillside for no other reason than that I felt the pull of gravity and then just went with it.

And I mighta been rescued by Abby and Andy when they found me staring at a stage watching a band that had stopped playing quite awhile ago.

Only to find a second wind and end up shotgunning beers, trying to break my hand "thumb-gunning" beers, complaining about pour over coffee (apparently Christians shouldn't drink it and I was a Christian that night)... and other things.

Mebbe someone stole my gloves and put a bomb in my beer sack too.  Dunno.

Coulda been rocks and I found my gloves when I woke up the next morning, so really all a mystery at this point.

Andy making friends.

Jim making friends.

People that I know and more that I don't.

Chainsaw Don trying to drink through osmotic process.

I guess I asked everyone to join me in the photo booth.  Evidence.

My camera in the hands of another.

Me capturing someone capturing the Mo-ment.

This is acceptable behavior at Dirt Rag Dirt Fap Fest.

At some point, I rode a clunker on the airstrip and changed the settings on my camera to do this:

The Mo-man.

Andy, wondering how I'm still awake and/or alive.

Elizabeth made something like a thousand wood-fired pizzas.  I ate half of them.

Wheelie Jesus from TSE.

Devon (who encouraged most of the thumb-gun attempts).

and crotch.
At some point, I went to bed or was forced there.  Either way, I'm glad that's where I ended up.

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