Friday, February 2

Comfort Levels

I've mentioned it before.  I like riding my mountain bike cycle with TOGS.  I wanted to not like them, but they made life better.  I got over myself.

Anyways, the folks at TOGS asked me if I wanted to try the new Flex TOGS.

I had to think about it.  I mean, I love the crabon ones that I already have, so why try something new?


The new Flex version has rubber tips for "comfort and shock absorption."  Being a stupid (part time) rigid single speeder, the ideas of "comfort and shock absorption" appeal to me.  Not that I noticed an overwhelming amount of "discomfort" or "shock dispersion" with my crabon versions.


In order to stay on board with the TOG train, they only asked that we rock something OTHER THAN BLACK for the purposes of visibility.


I like a certain amount of flair, but I do have a tipping point... but "comfort and shock absorption?"

I pondered for a few days, letting the email stew in my inbox for a few days.  I looked at the different colorways they had available.

Okay, what's the harm with just a bit more flair?  Sign me up.

I did have to scrub my somewhat used but not used-up ESI grips to bring back their glowing pink luster, but the pink meshes well enough that I can deal with the little bit more flair.

I've also been missing the TOGS on my JaBronson, but... effort.  A certain lack of desire to make changes.  But installation is hardly a problem tho.

So, effort was made and desires overcome.

At least it keeps with the orange thing I got going on, which almost makes me want to bring my flair levels up to 95% with these:

I've had a few rides on both bikes with the new Flex TOGS.  I'm glad to have the extra hand position on the JaBronson that I've grown so used to using on the Vertigo Meatplow V.7.  It's a bit more cluttered because of the longer grips (SC Palmdale VS ESI), but I do eventually plan on swapping them out (again, effort).  The Flex bit does actually feel better to my thumb part, and that little bit of give is actually noticeable.

Dare I say "comfortable?"

Why not?

Good job on making something that I didn't really think could be improved up on a little better.  If you're like me and have dealt with some hand/wrist issues in the past, these things really are worth a try.

And if your flair levels are lacking, you know what to do.


do you even enduro, bro said...

I just ordered a frame and fork and they don't matchy-match. I've been lusting over the SLIK graphics as well but 15 lbs (20USD) + postage :( I guess flair isn't cheap. Let me know if you know of sources other than the SLIK website, would love to source on this side of the pond if possible...

For my HONZO:

Anonymous said...

Advocat sez:

Where'd the FB Maxxis placard come from? Special DB industry insider gimme? Amusing.

dicky said...


Is special order.

hellbelly said...

The Spurcycle bell I was totally onboard with and in fact ordered one. The Togs, not so much. I suppose I am fortunate not have any hand or wrist issues which seems improbable considering my years of football, skateboarding, biking, drawing, guitar-playing, writing and performing dentistry. I have worn Triple-8 wrist guards for nearly 20 years though on all mountain bike rides. I generally burn through several pairs each year, but that is far less costly than any wrist/hand injury could ever be.

rick is! said...

i used Slik graphics for the wife's bike. killer