Tuesday, February 6

Worst for where?

Saturday.  I'm old now.  I like sleeping in.  Not gonna get to do it.  I promised Leaf Life I'd go Tour duh Charlotte assploring with him at 9:00am.  Squinty eyes looking at the alarm clock, attempting to will time to slow down.

Doesn't work.

Up, breakfast, coffee... look at the weather.

22° but slightly warmer later.  Tomorrow, huge rain.  This will be my "bike ride" for the weekend.

We assplore for an hour and a half, and it's fruitful.  Had to cut it short, because we needed to do "trail" work in some sketchball swampland. 

10:45AM, we're loaded up and rolling out with Courtney and Noelle.  Four people to piece together old trail and build new trail... that hasn't really been planned yet.  On the way there, mud.

The kinda mud that stops tires from rolling.  The kinda mud that gets all up in the shifty bits.  The kinda mud that really makes me wish I'd brought my single speed, but I was still holding on to possible short track aspirations the next day and didn't wanna be bringing a muddy race bike home today.


Almost as soon as we get into the woods, I stop to roll a big log out of the trail... and drop it on my ankle.  Gonna be one of those days.

We get out there, Leaf just asks us to start clearing old corridors so he can get a better idea of what's out there.  Chop, chop, lop, lop, dig, dig...

and establish proper signage for the local amenities.

Courtney has to leave early, and then we are three.  The rest of us work until 5:30PM or so, and I'm beat.  We think we got something done tho.  Ride home, hose the bike off, it's 6:10PM. 

Enough of that.

Wake up Sunday.  Rain.  Then more rain.  Even more.  It's in the 30s.  I'm not short track racing or spectating.  I don't know what I'm doing.  I'm on day number seventy or something in a row of riding a bike in some manner.  The rain lets up in the early afternoon, and so I ride over to Bike Source (one point something miles) to keep the streak alive.

Leaf sent me a text asking if I wanted to ride over to Unknown Brewery to watch CX Worlds.  I'm bored.  Why not?

Roll over there on the tarck bike close to 6:00PM, intend to watch grass racing on the big screen... ended up in more Tour duh Charlotte discussions.

Leaf and I leave sometime after 8:00PM, and I randomly decide to lie down on the road with my bike in a somewhat innocuous and semi-laughable manner.

I didn't realize there was any damage until I pulled my knee warmer off and saw the flesh and blood inside.  What else did I miss?

Torn shoulder in my Windstopper Urban Hoodie and Yazoo wool sweater, cracked helmet, scratched glasses frame, boogered up ESI grip...

My face (ignore the shaving cream).

Dammit.  At least I didn't screw up my beard.

Viva la tour and whatnot.


rick is! said...

I used Slik graphics to give the wife's bike a black on black fox 34. looks killer.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're not hurt too bad. Torn sweater is much better than torn shoulder...

rick is! said...

oops. wrong post. got your comment stats up though!

TJ Morton said...

The road can often be a comfy spot in which to lie. It's a shame that sometimes the road also takes some flesh in payment. Basturd!

Glen Evans said...

wow a beard! bad ass!